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All-In-One Packages

This all-in-one bundle is loaded with continuous marketing with emphasis of Search Engine Optimization. Using skilled techniques, fans are targeted and driven to landing pages to include the artist's discography, news media websites, social media networks, distributor stores, premier affiliate partner platform, Commercial FM Radio, Digital Radio, newswire network and so much more. The amount of marketing provided is easily valued in the thousands. We offer all-in-one marketing in 3 scalable packages. Very few faith-based marketing companies offer this number of services at our rates. Why? Because the return on investment (ROI) is below the value of services provided in regard to labor!  The man hours put into the various promotions ties up promoters who rather promote other artists for a bigger profit or use automation. Do the research but do it fast! We only select a few artists each year for the all-in-one services. And not all artists/music is accepted! We only accept what we believe to be a high-quality product (ex. music, photos, video clips, written content, etc).

all-in-one marketing