Feature a project using the all-in-one music marketing bundle

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Selected “Featured Spotlight Artist” receive all-in-one marketing

This 1 year, all-in-one bundle is loaded with continuous marketing with emphasis of Search Engine Optimization. Using skilled techniques, fans in your niche are targeted and driven to developed web pages we create and other web pages that promotes your project. The amount of marketing and public relations provided by experienced publishers is easily valued at $1,100.00. But 3 selected artists are given the opportunity to receive the bundle for half that amount. No other marketing company will ever offer you such deal. Why, because the Return On Investment (ROI) is below the amount of money that the services is worth. Also, the countless man hours put into the 1 year long promotion ties up promoters who can be used to market other artist’s projects for a fee. Do the research, but do it fast! We are selecting artists soon! Submit your project before the “Featured Spotlight Artist” promotion goes up to it’s regular rate of $1,100.00.

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Marketing & PR Through These Optimized Website Hubs


  • Amazon
  • Marketing The Gospel
  • Devine Jamz Gospel Network
  • Gospel Music Public Relations
  • Gospel Music Entertainment News
  • Christian Artists Music In The Spotlight
  • Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, & More


What are the services involved?

content marketing publisher

  • We provide Content Marketing Publishing that present projects with substance, not a typical sales pitch that leads to no prevail.
  • We provide artist with a featured email blast to tons of connected industry promoters and followers.
  • We promote Amazon or iTunes sales page, official website, & your social networks.
  • We embed an album or single sales widget (Amazon, iTunes, CdBaby etc), video(s), and music player along with your content marketing publishing.
  • We include quality stock images to bring life to your content marketing publishing.
  • We practice Search Engine Optimization and key word search to rank your project at the top of Google, Yahoo, & Bing.
  • We provide Social Media Marketing to draw in traffic from your niche targeted audiences.
  • We continuously push your project, news announcements, sales pages, website, and social networks on Twitter for 1 year.
  • We keep your promotion on our websites as long as we exist; you receive potential earnings long after the one year push of your promotion.


Do the research, no other marketer can compare 


The fact of the matter is secular marketers and even other faith base companies charge in the thousands for what we can offer in this promotion. Secular companies will charge in the thousands just for Social Media Marketing. And that’s just on one social network platform such as Twitter. See for your self here.


With this promotion we can only offer 3 artists the service each year


Unfortunately, many artists, managers, and indie entertainment companies are not aware of this type of service and how it can benefit artists. Since they lack Internet Sales Marketing, many are stuck on the major label model for promoting music. The Direct Marketing model fly right over their heads, thus appearing unnecessary. Some promoters try to use the Direct Marketing them selves, but without receiving the proper training and education. We eliminate the risk and save you hundreds of dollars!