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Embracing a Human-Centric Approach to Client Relationships

In a world increasingly defined by technology-driven automation, many businesses have distanced themselves from genuine client interactions. Their primary focus is often on rapid revenue generation, with minimal engagement and a lean workforce. At Devine Jamz, we chart a different course. We prioritize the cultivation of meaningful relationships with our clients and partners. We firmly believe that effective, old-school communication remains at the heart of exceptional service.

Don’t just take our word for it; delve into our rich tapestry of Google and Facebook Reviews to witness the authenticity of our approach.

Introducing the All-In-One Marketing Solution

Our All-In-One Marketing solution is a comprehensive offering, meticulously crafted into three distinct packages. These packages are designed to accommodate various artist budgets and preferences, providing a holistic approach to marketing.

With a focus on direct-to-fan marketing, we utilize a repertoire of expert techniques, affiliate partners, and a dedicated in-house team of promoters to drive fans to the artist’s landing pages and multimedia platforms. Our support encompasses a wide array of services, tailored to meet the unique needs of each artist, but not limited to:


✔️ All-in-One Strategy / Game Plan

✔️ Also, Consultation Provided For Future Projects


✅ Commercial FM Radio Spots (Single)

✔️ Must Be Quality Approved

✔️ CHR/Top 40, Rhythmic, Urban / Urban AC Formats Only

✔️ 120 Spots Minimum

✔️ Radio Tracking Reports


✅ Digital Radio Spots (Single)

✔️ 4,800 Spots (8 Weeks)

✔️ Radio Charting Likely

✔️ Multiple Radio Markets

✔️ 8 Radio Tracking Reports


✅ FM iHeartRadio Interview (syndicated to 200 stations)

✔️ 15-30 min Live Interview on Video

✔️ Song Played 1-3 min During Interview

✔️ Video and Summary Published on Radio Station Website


✅ Press Release Distributed To 500+ Media Outlets

✔️ News Seen On The Internet’s Largest News Sites

✔️ Localized Sites and Indexed By News Engines

✔️ Report Provided With Proof of Distribution And Sites Hosting Release

✔️ Placed in Related News Categories


✅ Written Interview On Popular, High-Ranking Platform

✔️ 1 Million Weekly Traffic

✔️ As Seen On Websites:

  • Crossmap Blogs, Eurweb, Café Mocha radio, Los Angeles Sentinel, Atlanta Daily World, Chicago Defender, The Washington Informer, Baltimore Times, and more.


✅ Spotify, YouTube, Facebook / Instagram Campaigns

✔️ Targeted Spotify Audio Impressions (On Playlists / Podcasts)

✔️ Targeted Facebook / Instagram Impressions

✔️ Targeted YouTube Impressions

✔️ Keywords Research / Target Audience

✔️ Real People, No Bots

✔️ Daily Monitoring / Adjustments of Metrics

✔️ Data Report Provided End of Campaign


✅ iHeartRadio Video Podcast Interview

✔️ High resolution video and audio files

✔️ Search Engine Optimized

✔️ Placed with major podcast distributors (Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Podcast, YouTube Podcast, Plus More)


✔️ Social Media Distribution

✔️ Podcast episode publishing on radio networks, blog, and affiliate partner website


✔️ Provides value to a song and story

✔️ Episode can be embedded on artist website and shared on social media


✔️ Use as a call-to-action for purchases


Elevate Your Music Career with All-In-One Personalized Service

At Devine Jamz, our All-In-One approach transcends the impersonal automation prevalent in the industry. We are dedicated to forging genuine connections with artists, building robust working relationships, and providing invaluable education on our music business strategies. With us, you won’t find automated services; instead, you’ll experience a level of dedication that mirrors the commitment of a major label.

We invest time and trust in connecting your work to influential music executives, leveraging our extensive network to ensure that your music reaches the right ears. Our approach is hands-on, with a collaborative effort that involves various promoters, marketers, and media companies coming together to form your personal marketing team. At the helm of this team is the leader of Devine Jamz’s marketing division, your direct point of contact, who carefully delegates specific assignments to our team of specialists.

Our All-In-One service is the closest you can get to having a major label support your music without the constraints of a binding contract. With us, you retain your freedom as a free agent while benefiting from the expertise and connections we offer. For more details, explore our comprehensive package options, and don’t forget to peruse our positive reviews on Google and Facebook to gain further insights into our commitment to artists’ success.


Affiliate Partners at Devine Jamz Gospel Network are independently operated and set the standards for their own performances and reliability. It is your responsibility to conduct your own due diligence regarding the safe and successful operation of your business if you intend to use any of our information in any way. See Terms and Conditions third-party services for more details.


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