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Free Content Marketing – Promoting storytelling articles can be an effective Inbound Marketing technique to draw in customers. We use this strategy for artists to build a relationship with readers who surf the Internet seeking facts, real events, real people, and non-fiction content of value. Ideally, when visitors read and listen to your related song their emotions compel them to stream and/or download the song.

Easy Submission

1. Must be English, minimum 600 words, (no exceptions).

2. Must be informative and valuable information, not a sales pitch.

3. Use a song you recorded to write about.

4. Must have minimal typographical/grammatical mistakes.

5. We will accept 1 hyperlink with our free publishing.


Advance Content Marketing Service

For a nominal fee we can take the publishing to another level in 3 options to include videos, music players, store sales widget, distribution, additional links and a professional write up. Check out our discount

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Free Content Marketing