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Devine Jamz Gospel Network offers faith-based services aimed at seamlessly integrating inspiring and positive music into media platforms and businesses that resonate with family-oriented audiences. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and tailored marketing approaches, we cater to Christian and Gospel music enthusiasts while also enlightening those unfamiliar with the profound impact of inspirational music on family values and societal ethics.

In an era marked by technological advancement, independent recording artists often grapple with financial and educational hurdles in their pursuit of broader recognition. Devine Jamz Gospel Network eases these challenges through educational support and targeted direct-to-fan marketing strategies. Our foremost objective, second only to our dedication to serving God, is to identify and engage with fans who are most inclined to experience a transformative connection with the music we promote.


Devine Jamz Gospel Network operates as an independent entity, distinct from 501(c)(3) organizations and non-profits that rely on external financial aid for their sustenance. We neither seek nor receive government grants, support from private companies, nor possess IRS 501(c)(3) status for charitable, religious, educational, scientific, or other exempt purposes.

Unlike major record labels with substantial investor backing, we stand as a self-sustained venture. Covering expenses such as utilities, supplies, server maintenance, hosting, registration, themes, plugins, software, hardware, and outsourcing, we do so independently without external funding. Our founders, guided by faith, established a direct-to-fan marketing model, ensuring that we have the liberty to promote artists and content without financial constraints.

Devine Jamz Gospel Network thrives through the budgets provided by our clients, income generated from affiliate marketing and services provided through partnerships. Our ultimate aim is to provide accessible faith-based marketing services, offering hope and opportunities to artists who may otherwise go unnoticed in the industry.


✅ Nudity: Revealing the genitalia of a model or fictional character.

✅ Sexual Themes: References to sex, overt sexuality, including sexually based humor.

✅ Violence/Gore: Violent imagery to include photojournalism or written work.

✅ Strong Language: Profanity (Including N-Word), vulgarity, and otherwise coarse or offensive language.


✅Provide faith-based marketing, education, and guidance to integrate inspirational music into media outlets and businesses that impact family-based audiences.

✅ We want to help win souls and help you to do the same.

✅ We "do not store up for ourselves treasures on earth" (Matt 6:19)

✅ We do all this for the sake of the gospel, that we may share in its blessings. (1 Corin 9:23)

✅ We want to provide hope and opportunity with accessible faith-based marketing services.

9 comments on “About Devine Jamz Gospel Network

  1. I Am Mz. Lady Michelle a Christian recording artist from Michigan. My music is original songs birthed by the Spirit of God through me to further His Gospel to the world to promote healing and awareness as well as empowerment through life’s circumstances.

    1. Hi Calvin! The process for submitting for any of our services is by filling out the Submit form found at the bottom of any of our detailed service page. If the artist qualify we will reply!

  2. Hi Devine Jamz
    I new at this online promoting services, I was wondering how does it work
    If i am going to promote my music
    through your service, how much does it cost
    how do you guys and I benefit from this
    And I live in Norway and I newly started making gospel music

    1. Hi Jeremiah,

      Thank you for reach out to us. We can assist you with your questions!

      1. Each music marketing methodology and promotion is listed on our “Services” page.

      2. Review each of our promotion’s short description.

      3. CLICK ON ANY PROMOTION TITLE or at the end of the short description where it states [SEE MORE + THE SUBMIT FORM], you will be re-directed to more details about the promotion and the submit form.

      4. Fill out the submit form at the bottom of the page. Check all the services that you are interested in on the submit form.

      5. We will review your content to see if you meet our qualifications. If accepted, we will contact you with more information.

      Let us know if there is anything else we can help you with. Again, thank you for reaching out to us!

  3. hi from Willie Miller aka Optimus rhyme AKA coolchillwill. I am a gospel rap recording artist from Spartanburg South Carolina I write love songs as well they are very clean. I also have a a live performance music video on stage. I am trying to find myself a manager that was signed me and possibly help get my music in the stores. I want to go beyond just online sales for my music is on the internet. I need to get my music in stores such as BJ music.kiss records in Greenville South Carolina and the first store and getI mention it is in Spartanburg South Carolina.I would like to get my my music CD in Target stores as well Walmart Kmart Best Buy. can someone give me a call back at 864 606 7693.sincerely Willie Miller.

    1. Hi Willie. All of our services are on the Internet. We do not use brick and mortar stores! If you have music on Amazon, we can place qualifying artists on Amazon front page. Go to “Amazon Featured Music Publishing” and you will see the details to get you started. Simply fill out the promotion form at the bottom of the page. If your music qualify we will contact you by phone or email.

  4. Is it possible that your organization is operated by a team of Godly Christ Believing Holy Spirit filled people? Praise God!!!!

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