Christ Records New Single ‘Preach’ Featuring ‘Da Gospel Way’


When it comes to music ministers dedicated to spreading the message of Jesus, one name that immediately comes to mind is Da Gospel Way (DGW), the Houston Christian Rapper. With unwavering commitment, Da Gospel Way tirelessly pursues the mission of building God's Kingdom through his music, demonstrating an unyielding passion for his faith.

Having previously collaborated on the track "Without Love," which garnered significant attention, DGW returns with another impactful single that resonates just as powerfully.

Currently seeking radio airplay, the single "Preach" featuring Da Gospel Way is poised to make waves. Anticipated by industry experts and radio promoters to secure a spot on DRT’s Global Top 20 Charts, this track showcases Swagioso Brazy's dynamic hook and impressive production alongside DGW's distinctive bass voice delivering a message that exalts God. Together, they present a formidable duo, and we are thrilled with the outcome of this project.

As airplay gains momentum in the coming weeks, Devine Jamz Promoters eagerly anticipate our first airplay report on February 19th.

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DRT Chart Rank

Without Love Charting #6

Without Love Charting #9

Without Love Charting #110

Without Love Charting #121

Without Love Charting #123

Without Love Charting #125

Without Love Campaign

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