“This Is the Day that the Yah Has Made” – by Minister John E. Black

Minister John E. Black

A Message of Gratitude and Hope: The Inspiration Behind the Song


In the realm of gospel music, a powerful new hymn has emerged to touch the hearts of believers around the world. Titled "This Is the Day that the Yah Has Made," this inspiring composition by Minister John E. Black is poised to become a cherished addition to the repertoire of gospel enthusiasts everywhere. At the core of this beautiful hymn lies a message of gratitude and hope, drawn from the timeless wisdom of the Bible.

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Honoring Yeshua's Name: The Use of "Yah" in the Song

Min. John E. Black's hymn pays homage to the Lord's name, incorporating the Hebrew word "Yah" in place of the more commonly used "Lord" and "Jesus." By doing so, the song not only honors Yeshua's name but also recognizes His sovereign authority over Min. Black's life. The use of "Yah" carries a deep significance, allowing listeners to connect with the divine presence and experience a profound sense of reverence and awe.

Trusting in Yah's Plan: The Message of Faith and Deliverance

As believers, we are called to place our trust in the divine plan that unfolds before us. "This Is the Day that the Yah Has Made" embodies this fundamental principle, offering a heartfelt testament to Min. John E. Black's unwavering faith in Yah's guidance. Through this hymn, listeners are reminded to surrender their worries and anxieties, finding solace in the knowledge that Yah is in control. The song serves as a powerful reminder that Yah's deliverance is not only possible but also a reason for celebration.

Rejoicing in Yah's Gift: The Hymn's Message of Gladness

Every day is a gift from the Father, a chance to rejoice and find gladness in His benevolence. "This Is the Day that the Yah Has Made" encapsulates this sentiment perfectly, serving as a heartfelt expression of gratitude for each precious moment bestowed upon us. Min. John E. Black's soul-stirring composition invites listeners to embrace the joyous spirit of the hymn and celebrate the abundant blessings that surround them.

An Invitation to Experience the Power of "This Is the Day that the Yah Has Made"

With its powerful message of gratitude, hope, and trust in Yah, "This Is the Day that the Yah Has Made" has the potential to touch the hearts and souls of gospel music enthusiasts worldwide. We invite you to immerse yourself in the uplifting melodies and profound lyrics of this remarkable hymn, which perfectly captures the essence of a life centered on faith. Released under the esteemed Black Brothers Records label, Min. John E. Black's creation promises to resonate with believers, reminding them of the immeasurable power of Yah's love and grace.

As you embark on this musical journey, allow "This Is the Day that the Yah Has Made" to infuse your spirit with renewed hope, strengthen your faith, and inspire you to continue pursuing a life filled with gratitude and trust in Yah's divine plan. Let the harmonious melodies and heartfelt lyrics wash over you, lifting your soul and reminding you of the abundant blessings that surround you each day.

As you listen to Min. John E. Black's captivating vocals and the soulful instrumentation that accompanies "This Is the Day that the Yah Has Made," let the music become a conduit for connection with the divine. Allow the hymn to serve as a source of solace during challenging times, a beacon of hope that guides you through the darkest moments.

Share the joy and inspiration of "This Is the Day that the Yah Has Made" with your loved ones, friends, and fellow believers. Spread the word about this remarkable hymn, as its message of gratitude, trust, and hope has the power to touch lives and uplift spirits. Organize gatherings or worship services where the hymn can be performed live, allowing its enchanting melodies and meaningful lyrics to create an atmosphere of reverence and praise.

Additionally, take advantage of the digital age and share the hymn on social media platforms, music streaming services, and gospel radio stations. Encourage others to listen and engage in conversations about the impact this hymn has had on their lives. Through these efforts, we can collectively promote and raise awareness about "This Is the Day that the Yah Has Made," ensuring its reach extends far and wide.

Highly Recommended

"This Is the Day that the Yah Has Made" by Min. John E. Black is highly recommended. It's an extraordinary hymn that encapsulates the essence of gratitude, hope, and trust in Yah's divine plan. Its message resonates deeply with believers, offering solace, encouragement, and a reminder of the abundant blessings bestowed upon us each day. Embrace the power of this hymn and share it with others, igniting a ripple effect of joy, faith, and inspiration in the hearts of all who listen. Let the music become a beacon of hope, guiding us on our spiritual journey and reminding us to rejoice in the gift of each new day.

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