Devine Jamz Gospel Network Management

Devine Jamz Gospel Network's Management, led by its Founder and Co-Owner, is committed to providing steadfast support and visionary leadership, fostering robust connections with clients and affiliate promoters alike. Our promoters, each possessing unique businesses and skills, converge in a unified partnership with Devine Jamz Gospel Network, enriching our collaborative ecosystem.

Furthermore, our affiliate marketing companies operate independently, setting their own standards for performance and reliability. It is imperative for partners to conduct thorough due diligence to ensure the safe and successful operation of their businesses when utilizing any information provided by us. For comprehensive details about our affiliate marketing companies, please refer to our disclaimer.

For those interested in joining Devine Jamz Gospel Network and determining eligibility for partnership, we invite you to visit our partnership page and complete the request form. We typically seek partnerships with a diverse range of entities, including Entertainment Companies, Radio Stations, News Columnists, Music Reviewers, Marketers, Media Companies, Attorneys, and representatives actively promoting recording artists and music.

At Devine Jamz Gospel Network, we prioritize collaboration and synergy, welcoming partners who share our passion for uplifting and promoting gospel music. Join us in amplifying the voices of talented artists and spreading the message of hope and inspiration to audiences worldwide.

Case Study

Ray Oster

Founder / Adviser

Ray Oster is the Founder / Adviser of Devine Jamz Gospel Network, a faith-based digital marketing organization founded in 2009. Read More

Brenda Solomon

B. Solomon

General Manager/Co-Owner

Brenda Solomon is a seasoned professional serving as the Co-Owner and General Manager at Devine Jamz Gospel Network, where she Read More

Taylor Valery

K. Taylor Valery

Content Marketer/A&R Liaison

Kliphton Taylor Valery is a distinguished Professional Writer/Content Marketer Liaison at Devine Jamz Gospel Network, also recognized as a member Read More

Journey to Success Webinar

E. Moseley

News Columnist Liaison

Eunice Moseley, Ph.D, MS, MBA, MPhil is president of a PR company and syndicated columnist with a weekly readership of Read More

David E Maxwell

D. Maxwell

Music Producer Liaison

David E. Maxwell is the Founder & CEO of a music production company. He creates and produce instrumental music.

magazine editor, television broadcast host, radio broadcast host, entertainers, authors, political pundits, celebrities, community leaders

C. Donovan

Media Relations Liaison

Cheryl is an award winning best selling author, magazine editor, radio host, and local TV show host.

Lady Rie - Radio Personality Liaison

C. Yvette

Radio Personality Liaison

Cherie is also known as “Lady Rie”! She’s a Radio Personality at a terrestrial radio station in Virginia.

Vernon Dale Cook - Social Media Contributor

V. Cook

Content Creator Liaison

Dale distributes our content on social media on a consistent basis. He also creates video blogs to minister scriptures.

Jenny Morales - Artist Promoter

J. Morales

A&R Liaison

Jenny Morales is the CEO of an artist promotions company and bilingual lyricists. She's known as “The Queen of Promotions”.

Michael Bell - Record Label Liaison

M. Bell

Promoter Liaison

Michael Bell is a Record Producer, Music Composer, Musician, Radio Promoter, and the CEO of a record label.

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G. Abeni

Web Developer Liaison

Giovanni Abeni has been working in web design and development for many years and he really love his job.

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