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When Love Hurts

When Love Hurts: A topic that raise the eyebrows

When Love Hurts: It's given that we all experience hurtful situations with family members, in relationships, with our children, and/or close friends. Of course, some of the specifics should not be publicized because it will give the devil an open invitation to throw salt and twist things around. However, what the radio hosts share are personal issues that are spiritual assault on a family. They explain what the assaults are and how they would address them.

Next, the radio hosts speak about greed within a ministry. On the same note they share that for the most part ministries should not be something that people get paid for in a substantial way. Pastors should have a regular job and church should be open 24/hrs a day readily available for those they serve. They speak about false doctrine and false preaching that debilitate congregations. In conclusion, the show end with what Christians should resemble. This show for certain might raise a few eyebrows so tune in and leave your comments for the radio hosts!

Play list of songs during the show:

  • Ambush by TreyDay feat. Adrian Stresow, Xavier Sorrow, T.S.O. & Nick Baldwin
  • You May Run by T.R.O.M.P. feat. Jeremiah Anderson
  • The Way You Love by Christopher Upchurch
  • Illogical by Jerrell Golden
  • Without You by Jesse Lopez feat. Jordan Lucio
  • No Mistakes by Richie Righteous
  • Holy by Rainbow Israel feat. Linus
  • That Man From Galilee by el Mafrex feat. Dave Brackenridge
  • Wait for You by Ratu Suguturaga

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