Free Christian Music Publicity Outreach

Free Christian Music Outreach Publicity

Why Receive Our Free Publicity?


For the obvious reason, free publicity is a plus and will save time and money for any singer – songwriter or musician. More importantly, the collaboration between artists and marketers can quickly reach more souls when services are free. On the norm, marketers need a return on investment when we offer services on a premium platform with all the perks. Free services are not always a choice approach for us to reach a target audience. So we encourage recording artists to take advantage of our outreach program when the opportunity arrives. This free service offers content marketing, which is a leading strategy to retain and engage with a fan base. Before such service can even be offered it requires that we maintain a website with quality content, continuing use of SEO, and popularity within our niche and search engines. The idea is to promote your content so that it will bring viewers, build a relationship with readers, then provide a compelling reason for fans to purchase your music.


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