Free Christian Music Publicity Outreach

Free Christian Music Outreach Publicity

Why Receive Our Free Publicity?


For the obvious reason, free publicity is a plus and will save time and money for any singer – songwriter or musician. More importantly, the collaboration between artists and marketers can quickly reach more souls when services are free. On the norm, marketers need a return on investment when we offer services on a premium platform with all the perks. Free services are not always a choice approach to help us pay the expenses. So we encourage recording artists to take advantage of our outreach program when the opportunity arrives. This free service offers content marketing, which is a leading strategy to retain and engage with a fan base. Before effective service can even be offered it requires that we maintain a website with quality content, continuing use of SEO, and popularity within our niche and search engines. The idea is to promote your content so that it will bring readers, build a relationship with readers, then provide a compelling reason for readers to invest in your music.


Read Our Easy Submission Guidelines


  • Your article must be in English and at least 600 words for search engine purposes.
  • Your article should be presented as informative and valuable information; not a sales pitch.
  • The article must have minimal typographical/grammatical mistakes.
  • We will accept 1 hyperlink with our free publishing. For a small donation, we will add more options upon your request.


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