Music Content Partnership

Music Content Partnership

Opportunity to leverage your client’s experience without spending a dime.


Spotlight Recording ArtistDevine Jamz Gospel Network has already target the audience for your music business to prosper! With our affiliation to major marketing networks, we cut your marketing expenses for seeking paid advertising! All you need to do is just join our team of professionals and immediately get started with publishing content on the platforms we’ve optimized for you! We are currently accepting multi-talented and gifted music reviewers who are capable of formulating an intellectual opinion on the value and degree of excellence of individual works of music, or whole groups in the Contemporary Christian, Urban Gospel, Gospel Rap, Gospel Jazz, Christian Rock, Christian Pop or Southern Gospel genres’.




Christian Music Partnership Opportunities
1. Reviewers should have knowledge in the Christian music genre they are writing about; provide postings of past reviews or similar publishing.


2. The usual tasks of a music reviewer include writing reviews of newly released music.




1. We promote and distribute your reviews using social media networks and Eblast.


2. Reviewers are promoted on affiliate websites such as Christian Music Entertainment News, Gospel Music Public Relations, Promoting The Gospel Through Music and others, which increase traffic and new followers.


3. Reviewers can create backlinks on our platforms to boost their own website Search Engine Optimization.




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