How To Build A Rapport With Your Audience

building an online rapport

David E. Maxwell - CEO of D.E.M. Beats Production

David E. Maxwell Beats ProductionAs a Christian artist and music producer, David E. Maxwell came across a lot of talented and gifted individuals in his social circle of networking. Many are hungry and thirsty for success but remain starved because of how they go about achieving it. If there is one thing David E. Maxwell learned, we must remain humble, lovable, and teachable. It’s also important that we are willing to work with others. We must be able to relate to our audience so that we know what their purpose and interest consist of on the internet. It will help us understand what content to generate and use for establishing a dialogue. When our rapport becomes stronger, the more likely we will gain trust and become valuable to our current and new followers.

Avoid Being Viewed As An Advertiser

online advertiserThere are many of us who think that by constantly flooding social media platforms and posting our products by saying things like, check me out, buy my cd today, new song release, go and get it now, will lead to a fortune and tons of followers. This may lead to the exact opposite and in most cases, it's called spamming. You can scream "Buy my album!" from a rooftop all day long to no avail. Sure, you might get a few likes and purchases here and there, but nothing meaningful or long lasting. The recommended approach would be to start a conversation, build a consistent relationship, then offer something of value such as a free product or service. Eventually, you will receive conversions including sales.

Relationships Should Be Inclusive

When we fail to first build a rapport with those we want to market to there is a lack of trust. When we neglect to work together and help others reach their full potential, we are left with no activity or feedback. Don’t illustrate it’s all about “me” and “my purpose only”. It shows a lack of unity, to say the least. This should not be, especially in the Christian community. Present yourself different and show that you honestly care about your audience and not trying to be on top of the Billboard chart.


We All Need Each Other


building an online social rapport

Let’s just pretend that we live in the world of willy wonka and the chocolate factory. For our meals, we must retrieve food in a gigantic willy wonka bowl using a super long spoon and handle. There are other artists and music industry professionals around the edge of the bowl who also must eat. The super long spoon makes it difficult for us to reach our mouth. What can we do using the tool given to us?

Now imagine again the same huge bowl of food. Only this time, when we retrieve food using the long spoon we extend the spoon across the bowl to feed the person in front of us and vice versa. Everyone catches on and now we all get to eat! This is just a simple illustration to voice that we all need each other in the kingdom of God!

Good Relationships Make Good Partnerships

In comparison to the music industry we have tools and resources that we can use, but many of us are neglecting to use them to help another! Let's face it, the music industry can be very demanding at times. And as Christian artists, we know that the enemy would like nothing more than to draw us apart to discourage us and have us compete and fight among ourselves. David believes that if we take the time to communicate with our audience, share meaningful content that's helpful, network with fellow industry sisters and brothers, and inspiring one another, we can reach our purpose and goals online. What say you? How do you feel about building a rapport?

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