Powerful Video Motion Analysis Program!

VideoSurgeonAt last! A Powerful video motion analysis for purchasers! Equivalent to what the professionals utilize, Video Surgeon makes video analysis a breeze!

Just what is this video analysis software?

It is programming that conveys recorded video in slow movement, with a zooming usefulness, and with repetitive playback. Also critically, it performs the majority of these capacities at the same time. This takes into account frame-by-frame and second-by-second analysis of video recordings.



By looking at videos of yourself performing or viewing performances of others utilizing Video Surgeon you can effortlessly recognize qualities and/or shortcoming in high detail analysis and make corrections.


Testimonials From Video Surgeon Customers:

You should consider this to be ringing endorsement

This is to confirm that I have successfully downloaded & installed Version of Video Surgeon, effective 11 September 2009. It appears to be working fine, and I have verified same by successfully downloading several videos.

I appreciated your technical expertise and your forebearance (during my several phone calls) in dealing with a customer who is less than “technically savvy”. I have accessed the “training tutorial” videos that you forwarded with your latest Email and find them to be easily comprehended and very instructive. I will be referring to them frequently, no doubt.

Once again, thank you Jim. It is indeed a pleasure, in this harried world of ours, to deal with such a professional and courteous individual. Should you consider this to be ringing endorsement of your operation – that was the intent. Cheers:

Doug Hofrsman,
Riverview, N.B.
( a very satisfied customer)

I was able to transcribe tunes faster than ever!

I am one of the 25 winners of your recent drawing. Today I installed the software. I tried it out on a YouTube clip using the slow down, zoom, and loop features. I was able to transcribe tunes faster than ever. In the 1980’s this took forever and destroyed a lot of LP’s and cassette tapes.

Thanks for developing such a fantastic new tool!

David Schramm
Clovis, CA

VERY easy way to rip audio from video files!

Thanks for your quick replies and I love the product. I used it last night and was very satisfied with the performance. Also I either didn’t read or ignored the fact that this program has a VERY easy way to rip audio from video files! I have seen performances on YouTube that are not available anywhere else (that I have found) so being able rip the audio easily and save it as an .mp3 is fantastic!

Great job guys!


Pete Cruz
Orange, CA

A great tool for slowing down and zooming in on video!

I have already purchased Video Surgeon and have been using it for several days. This is a great tool for slowing down and zooming in on video files. Together with Song Surgeon, Video Surgeon has really help me to learn and play and play guitar better.

Al Cujas

Lot of people cannot believe that I am only playing guitar since 18 months!

I just tried the demo version. It is simply incredible, everybody can benefit of this program. I will order it in the next days, taking advantage of your offer.

It is the perfect extension of Song Surgeon. It really boosted my guitar playing. Lot of people cannot believe that I am only playing guitar since 18 months. But you and I have a little secret!!!!!!!

Thanks again,

Mario Blanche