Radio broadcast – God determines what is holy – Special guest Jerrell Golden

God Determines What Is Holy


God Determines What Is Holy – A Radio Broadcast Talk Show By “Not By Bread Alone Radio”

In this radio broadcast by Not By Bread Alone Radio, HostsPacaso” and “Kingdom Taking” speaks with special guest “Jerrell J Rock” about the topic “God Determines What is Holy”. This is the second principle and the second week of the 8-week series. Radio hosts “Pacaso” and “Kingdom Taking” ask the questions, why does God still deem the law as necessary? Have denominations damaged the unity of the body of Christ? And then they add to the conversation a funny analogy about favorite cereal. You will love the humor by Kngdom Taking!

Just when things seem to be on a predicted course in the show it gets even more interesting when “Pacaso” and “Kingdom Taking” find out that Jerrell attends The Church of Latter Day Saints and learn some background that they were not aware of.

They also talked about Jerrell’s new album “God’s Army” and a couple of songs that deserved to be on the mixtape but weren’t. Make sure to download the new mixtape by Jerrell Golden

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The playlist for this show is as follow:

– B.Y.O.B. (Bring Your Own Bible) by Jerrell Golden
– Jungle by Jerrell Golden
– Labor Pains by Jerrell Golden feat. Prollem
– RAW (Race Already Won) by Jerrell Golden
– I Represent by Jerrell Golden feat. JKirk
– What Side of the Fence You On by Jerrell Golden feat. Ryan Davis
– Segregated Sundays by Jerrell Golden
– Part of the Problem by Jerrell Golden
– Like That by Jerrell Golden featuring Nate Hollis

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