Making Money God’s Way By Author And Pastor Winston Grier

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"Making Money God's Way" By Pastor Winston Grier

God’s people should not have to look on, starving, while worldly people live in financial overflow. We should be good examples of God in every area of our life, and we must not exclude financial success from that list. Yes, we can quote scripture, pray in tongues, and preach the Gospels, but if our bank account is at 0, we will not be effective at spreading God’s Word.

About Making Money God’s Way

All money is not good money! In the book Making Money God’s Way, Pastor Winston Grier teaches how to sustain financial abundance while living righteously in accordance with God’s Word. Learn from someone who previously invested in what he thought was a great idea but failed tremendously. In comparison, Pastor Grier shares his success in business to illuminate the path that God has shown him. If God said it, you could believe it. You will walk in overflow, see God’s favor over your life, and business. Financial increase will be inevitable. 

Winston Grier committed his work to the Lord to plan for success. Doing Business God’s Way reveals practical lessons Pastor Grier strengthens his business while avoiding debt. Grier instruct readers how to map and write a kingdom business plan to know where your business is going and what it will take to get there. Grier list seven kingdom business questions to ask yourself to determine the role that God plays in your business. By the end of the book, Pastor Grier and God's words will encourage you to walk in overflow with God’s favor over your business and financial needs.

Pastor Grier’s Book Publicity

Pastor Grier has appeared on WATC TV 57 Atlanta,  Build, Grow, & Enjoy Network, Eurweb, The Kingdom Cross Roads Podcast, KRGN 98.5, Spirit of Truth, Don Mazzella Show, Dan Perkins Show and other media outlets that sparked interest with the book Making Money God’s Way.

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How To Receive Making Money God’s Way

Purchase Making Money God’s Way at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and/or W.G. Ministries website.

About The Author Pastor Winston Grier

Pastor Grier is a Christian motivational speaker, Christian book author, and Christian business and financial coach. He has been an ordained Pastor since 2015. His calling and purpose on earth is to help you increase your faith and your inheritance from God, so that you may unlock Kingdom blessings for your personal life and business. Pastor Grier enjoys sharing God’s Word at Christian events — this is the foundation for building a blessed life. He believes if God is not the foundation, the building will fall.

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