Interdependent Musician (Mutual Reliance)

Interdependent Musician - Mutual Reliance









By David E. Maxwell
DJGN Content Contributor
CEO of D.E.M. Beats Production


A Music Group Where You Can Rely On One Another


As an independent artist and music producer, I believe that although we call ourselves Independent, there is an underlay or unseen INTER-DEPENDENCE and RELIANCE that enables us to become unique in our Independence, (if yinterdependent musician communityou know what I mean). In fact, it’s the reason why I created a Facebook group called, “INTERDEPENDENT MUSICIANS (Mutual Reliance)”.

If you been around as long as I have in the music industry you will know that there will be times when you are going to need some help and assistance from someone else to reach your goals and get to your next level. I would also aim to say that not only in music or business but in just about every major area of our lives. We also must realize that goals and levels have similar concepts, but differ through stages. For example, you may want to reach a certain level in your career but you first must set some smaller goals to attain that level. Often this will incorporate the help from others.

Honor Covenant Relationships


Interdependent Musician - Mutual RelianceUnderstanding the importance of divinely connected relationships is a critical part of fulfilling Gods will and purpose for our lives. There are people God has “hooked” us up with, who are there to impart into and impact our lives so we can do what God has planned for us to achieve. It may be their wisdom, expertise, or knowledge that can help us or it may be a specific anointing on their lives that God wants to develop in us. We must be able to recognize and honor covenant relationships because they are bridges to our success. There is something about life that requires us to walk through it with someone else. God never intended for us to be islands. Relationships are the lifeblood of all human existence.

Sometimes people get offended and cut off their covenant relationships. However, I have discovered repeatedly that disconnecting from the people God has called to impart into our lives can set us back. If we want to grow and develop to use our talents and gifts, we must honor those relationships and maintain them. When we do, we will see things begin to take place in our lives for the better. I encourage you to evaluate your life and locate the relationships that are divinely ordained by God. These are the people God has called you to glean from and to help you grow. When you know who they are, cherish them. Sow into their lives and continue to receive their anointing. When you do, you will find the power and skills that operate in their lives will begin to operate in yours as well.