Christian Hip-Hop Artist CYB Says ‘Today We Ready’

What You Should Know

Gospel Rapper CYB, founder of GospelBeats has teamed up with Devine Jamz to spread word about his new album “Today We Ready,” coming in September 2020. I can truly say this artist, producer, and engineer will be adding to his robust repertoire with this new set.

At this point, I’ve listened to the songs on album “Today We Ready” at least 7x, and both I’m impressed, able to list my favorites: ‘Today We Ready’, ‘Christ Driven,’ ‘About Me,’ and ‘Him Alone.’ What you should know about the album is that the message is a timeless one: put your faith and trust in God first, and the kingdom of heaven will be added on to you.

This Album Will Be A Go-To

“Today We Ready” comes at great time — not just to ward off the evils of COVID-19, and the perilous journeys of African-Americans — but to strengthen the faith of all the people who believe in God’s good news.

There is no doubt that CYB’s new album will be a go-to album for spiritual warriors like me, dedicated to daily Christ-living. The title track alone says it all, but when you listen in its entirety, it can and will replenish the soul.


CYBs moniker stands for Count Your Blessings; a nice & sweet suggestion for us all to count our blessings daily. In the end this upcoming album’s title track, you can hear a suggestive chant of “count your blessings.”

Truth-be-told, that is something anyone can benefit from mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically — if they are serious about establishing and maintaining the positive and faithful mindset. Taking stock of your whole life, being grateful for breath and free will, it can only welcome more to be grateful for. And that is why the track ‘About Me’ hits so hard. I can highly appreciate music that feels like it was created specifically for my soul’s journey.

What also makes this music so great is its professional finish, it’s head-banger quality and overall positive vibes — a loving marriage of hip-hop and inspiration.

In addition to ‘About Me,’ I’m a fan of ‘Christ Driven,’ a song about CYB’s focus on a life of love like Jesus Christ. The song opens with a quick prayer, basically letting the Lord know that he is available to be used to effect positive change with his music.

Another favorite, ‘Him Alone,’ encourages us to seek happiness in God alone. This song hits home for me, because I’ve learned a hard lesson in life about worshipping the wrong things. I can remember having spent so much time having faith in everything else but myself. ‘Him Alone’ will always remind me of where I have come from, and where I am going.

The title track is also a blessing, perfectly punctuating the 8‑track gospel hip-hop album. The persistent chanting of the title in the song’s intro is motivational, just like the Black Lives Matter movement. The song also reminds me of Beyoncé’s ‘I Was Here’ — a Diane Warren composition.

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Final Word: Highly Recommended

Without any hesitation, I am highly recommending “Today We Ready,” so when it is released in September, do go and stream on all your digital music platforms. Links are listed below to keep connected with CYB today.

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