A Dream Of “Heaven On Earth” Through Song By Malakh Bahn Masha

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What You Should Know About The Song "Heaven On Earth"

The song "Heaven On Earth" is the product of a dream whereby a heavenly host were watching Malakh Bahn Masha as he was navigating the city at night. Malakh knew they were watching pleasantly and with delight as he kept heading to his destination. These "Angels" and their Lord were watching with purpose, and seemed to appear as "Stars" in the night sky.

While this scene went on for the entirety of the dream/vision there was a tune that was the theme song and music of this visitation. It was the song "Heaven On Earth". Every instrument and melody are the same as the vision except the percussion. It was very beautiful and while dreaming Malakh Bahn Masha became a fan of the tune. As he woke, the tune remained in his cognition.

Spiritual Highlights of "Heaven On Earth"

The Spirit told Malakh to be careful with the vision and sounds because it has a spiritual disposition. It should be presented at a time deem necessary. Needless to say, this sparked something in Malakh. He wanted to tell his musician son about the tune, who happened to be woke and practicing his bass guitar at the time. Malakh felt compelled to share his dream because it was powerful and majestic. So, he went ahead and told his son about the dream and music hoping he would not disobey the Spirit. Malakh and his musician son attempted to capture the tune and came up with something pretty good. Still, it wasn't the "Heaven On Earth" tune that Malakh heard in his dream. After several tries to compose the song, it completely escaped Malakh’s memory. It would not be till a later time the revelation would appear again.

Two days later carrying about his routine in his house the melody and instruments came back into Malakh as before. This time Malakh immediately grabbed his iPhone and recorded each sound into his memos. Then God asked Malakh if he would record and release the song for His glory. Without hesitation Malakh answered yes! His willingness to obey presented a joint opportunity and collaboration. One evening Malakh and his son seen stars in the sky. They appeared to be watching them. It was an obvious presence of being watched from above. The stars were flickering like a guardian over the song which was the Lord's assurance that it was safe to move forward with the release of "Heaven On Earth".

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Last Thought About "Heaven On Earth"

The song is important because Malakh know it is a divine gift, not just for him, but to be a blessing to God. Others can gain thru this experience the encouragement to believe in the almighty when they are presented with spiritual insight. Often times it's not just for our own edification, but also for our brothers and sisters. Each of us has been called and blessed to be a blessing.

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