Music Tips For Up And Coming Recording Artists!

Music TeamIn this blog you will learn great tips for up and coming indie artists. As a Gospel Music Marketer, we engage with many different professionals in the Christian community and in the secular community to seek out resources that’s trending. One specefic resource and secular organization we obtain great tips from is Indie Connect.  It’s a global business club for up-and-coming artists, songwriters, musicians and music professionals.  The following is their recent top listed tips you as an artist need to consider:

1. Study the industry. There are countless places where you can learn how the industry works as well as how to become a better performer. Some are free. Some cost a little bit. 

2. Study general business. It’s only when you can marry your talent with business knowledge that you move from having a hobby into having a business.

3. Find a mentor. Network both within and outside the industry to find someone who believes in you and will help guide you.

4. Network. Plug into the many music-related groups on LinkedIn and just read all of the advice. There are deep and powerful discussions by experienced industry professionals on every aspect of the industry. Ask as many questions as you want, No question is ‘stupid’. There are countless people who want to help young artists not make the mistakes that they did!

5. Learn to book yourself. You have the same problem with booking agents that you have with managers. They work on commission as well – usually around 10%. So if you can’t command a decent amount for your gigs, and you’re not gigging full time, it’s not worth their time.

6. Master your craft. If you sing or rap, be amazing at it. If you play guitar, dazzle crowds with your skill. Never stop improving. Even the most respected singers and musicians have coaches and work on improving or learning something new all of the time!

7. Find your uniqueness. What is it about you and/or your music that will set you apart from the vast sea of competition out there? Once you find it, develop your brand around it. Your brand is the first sight, sound and feeling that a person gets when they see or hear your name. Develop it and then protect it!

8. Build your team. Once you have done all of the things I have just mentioned, you’ll find that the team members you’ve been looking for will start to find you. Interview them. Do your homework to make sure they are a good fit and can get you where you want to go. Ask to speak with other artists they have worked with. Be sure they have a good reputation and the respect of the industry.

9. Be professionally relentless. The world is going to tell you that you can’t make it. If you have any level of marketable talent, they are wrong. There is a place for you. It may not be on the biggest radio charts. It may not be headlining huge stadium concerts. But there is a place for you – a place where you can feel good about what you’re doing for a living, comfortable with the income you’re making and proud of the person and the artist you’ve become.

10. Give back. Reach down and help other new singers and musicians in the same way that you were helped. Keep their hopes alive! You’re never too young to do this. Share anything you’ve learned that has kept you from making a potentially serious mistake.

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