Gospel Artists Podcast Interview Showcase

Expectation and Requirements For Our Podcast Interview Distribution

I’m Ray Oster, Founder of Devine Jamz Gospel Network! I’ll share how our Podcast Interview Distribution provides a gateway to major search engines for recording artists who are believers.

I think it’s fair to say Podcasts provides an excellent way to go deep about a new release project. But are you aware it’s not only the top 100 podcast where artists can receive great awareness. Any experienced marketer would tell you internet marketing is an old school technique. Of course, if the podcast is a popular brand, you’re more likely to get noticed. However, that’s based on the key words used in the search inquiry. Therefore, a top 100 podcast listed on YouTube may not appear in your search results if your keywords are not factored one way or another.

Devine Jamz created a blueprint for faith-based recording artists to receive excellent Search Engine Marketing results.

How Can We Predict Great SEM?

I believe when a person of faith aligns them self to the word of God, then record songs to express their experience and testimony, often there’s an anointing that manifest.  So, when Godly artists connects to our podcast, multiple souls activate the spirit of the Lord in the mist of the communication.  Collectively, we put in the airwaves a form of praise that gives God the glory. As the Bible says in Matthew 18:20: “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”

You can say that Devine Jamz podcast reflects a corporate gathering of God’s people actively honoring what God has done or what will be done in Jesus’ name. And that alone is a benefit that should inspire artists for an interview.

What We Look For In a Song

I always advise artists in my consultations that when you articulate the meaning and story behind a song in a way that trigger emotions, it intensifies your message. Even more, when viewers can simultaneously see artists on video, they are able to give a song more value. Why? A video interview allows viewers to use almost all their physiological senses to make a sound decision on how they are impacted. As humans, we experience reality through our senses and senses are the physiological methods of perception. In marketing, it’s proven to this day video is the most effective means of advertising.

To be fair, one might say “we’ll Ray there are plenty of podcasts doing the same thing, what makes Devine Jamz different?” Well, I would answer, that’s a good thing. The more the marry! Rising artists can receive a fair shake sharing their gifts and talents. But I would also add, as a committed Christian and Gospel music marketing promoter, God provided us with additional tools, education, and affiliate partners to go beyond the interview. It’s why Devine Jamz is a network. We have a rapport with multiple media outlets to include mainstream tech businesses. That means we can use our resources and marketing tools to catapult our episodes. It’s a free opportunity for artists to see what happens before investing on paid marketing support.

Our Process For Promoting Episodes?

  1. Artist’s episodes are distributed on major music platforms such as Spotify, apple music, iHeart, amazon music, YouTube, google and many other music platforms. We’re also syndicated on major blogs such as Crossmap, which is the sister site of Breathcast.
  2. Episodes are properly optimized with meta tags, hash tagged, a description, keyword research, and some interviews are promoted with a paid Google Adword campaign.
  3. Listeners get to hear a preview of an upcoming or new release project, which can help radio programmers within our distribution network decide if they are interested in radio airplay.
  4. Episodes are eblast through our newsletter. This is very important because we take pride in our email marketing. Our recipients are categorized by Christian and Gospel music formats, media specialty, type of fanbase and most importantly updated regularly to eliminate bounce backs and returned emails. There’s nothing worse than having a list of outdated email addresses, right. Well, our email marketing tool assures us that we won’t send emails to addresses that’s no longer in use.
  5. Artist should also know that our video interviews require that you have a Chrome or Microsoft edge browser for laptops, iPad, or desktop. If you're using iPhone or Android, you’ll get our free app upon approval of your interview. Be sure to use high speed internet connection as well.

Of course, there’s more to promoting a song and we have services to get the job done. If interested, go to devinejamz.com to receive a music marketing consultation. We received amazing Google and Facebook reviews on how it blessed artists.

Now, if you’re like me, you might wonder, why would Devine Jamz go the extra mile promoting an interview?  And, for free? Surely, there must be something we want in return!  And that would be correct.

The Submission Requirements

  1. Submit to devinejamz.com for the “Podcast Interview Distribution”
  2. Interviews are for a single. The song can be on an EP or Album; however, we will select from the project the song and story of our choice to interview you.
  3. It should be a mix mastered song of high quality. This means that the lead vocals, chorus, production, songwriting, and delivery must be professional.
  4. If your song is an upcoming release, submit within 6 months before the release date. And if your song has already been released, it should not be older than 6 months. The idea is for us to distribute recent music to other promoters seeking new release projects for their platform or radio program.

In Conclusion

Now that I’ve shared what to expect in the coming episodes, subscribe now on Spotify and/or YouTube and be prepared to watch and/or listen to what I believe will be inspirational content from artists and guests who will expose their truth behind the song.

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