The Music Industry’s Rapid Growth: All-In-One Marketing Solution

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Devine Jamz Gospel Network was founded to provide high-quality music marketing services to artists who want to achieve success in the music industry. As a result of the music industry's rapid growth and artist's competition for exposure, the company developed an All-In-One Music Marketing Support service in three different bundles: premium, supreme, and platinum. The marketing services are designed to help artists with their music marketing needs, including but not limited to digital and FM radio support, public relations, press releases, interviews with syndicated news columnists, campaigns on Spotify, YouTube, Facebook/Instagram, and more.

Devine Jamz’s marketing team leader is the point of contact for the clients and delegates specific assignments to each specialist. The team works with various promoters, marketers, and media companies to establish a personal marketing team for the artist. The company believes in the essence of good service, and it's all hands-on deck to establish a working relationship with the artist.

Market Analysis

2021 Global Music Report

The music industry is a rapidly growing industry with a high demand for music marketing support services. The rise of digital platforms like Spotify, YouTube, and Facebook/Instagram has increased the competition among artists. As a result, artists require a team of professionals who can help them with their music marketing needs. Devine Jamz’s All-In-One Music Marketing support services provide a comprehensive solution for artists who want to establish their presence in the music industry.

The global music industry has been rapidly growing in recent years, with the digital music sector playing a significant role in this growth. According to the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry's (IFPI) Global Music Report 2021, the global recorded music market grew by 7.4% in 2020, marking its sixth consecutive year of growth. The digital music sector accounted for 56.1% of the global recorded music market's revenue in 2020, up from 50.4% in 2019.

Furthermore, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the shift towards digital music consumption, as people spent more time at home and turned to online streaming platforms for entertainment. The IFPI's report noted that the digital music market's revenue grew by 19.9% in 2020, driven by a 25.1% increase in streaming revenue.

As the music industry continues to grow, the demand for music marketing support services is also increasing. Independent artists and labels need effective marketing strategies to compete in the crowded digital landscape and reach their target audiences. Devine Jamz Gospel Network's all-in-one music marketing support services cater to this growing demand and provide artists with the tools and expertise they need to promote their music successfully.

Marketing Strategy

All-In-One Marketing Support

Devine Jamz’s marketing strategy is to provide all-in-one music marketing support services that help artists with their marketing needs. The company targets independent artists who are looking for a team of professionals who can help them with their marketing needs. Devine Jamz has a strong online presence with a website that provides detailed information about the services they offer. The company also has a strong social media presence on Linkedin, a professional business platform where they share their success stories with other music industry executives and followers.


Revenue Model

Devine Jamz’s revenue model is based on three different packages: premium, supreme, and platinum. The pricing for each package is based on the artist's budget and the services they require. The company charges a one-time fee for each package, and the fee includes 12 months of consultation.


Devine Jamz’s operations are divided into two different teams: the marketing team and the support team. The marketing team is responsible for providing all-in-one music marketing support services, while the support team is responsible for providing customer support to the clients. The marketing team leader delegates specific assignments to each specialist to ensure that the services are delivered as promised.

Financial Plan

Devine Jamz's financial service plan is based on the revenue generated by the All-In-One Music Marketing Support packages. The company offers three packages, premium, supreme, and platinum, each with different levels of support and pricing. The company aims to generate revenue by selling these packages to artists who want to achieve success in the music industry. The company's revenue will be used to pay for the salaries of in-house promoters, marketers, and media companies, as well as other operational costs. Devine Jamz's goal is to become the go-to music marketing company for artists who want to achieve success in the industry.


Devine Jamz Gospel Network All-In-One music marketing support service offers a comprehensive approach to music marketing, providing personalized support and old-school communication to help artists achieve their goals.

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