The World’s Biggest Stage Presents Christian Rapper “Pookie wit tha Uzi”

Wix Opening Music Act

Christian rap artist Adrian Logan AKA “Pookie wit tha Uzi” has made it to the big stage at YouTube. Through the “Wix Opening Music Act”, the global video marketing community is currently promoting Adrian’s visionary Christ centered music. His songs share his past experience, his current struggles, and his approach with communicating to his peers in a hip-hop culture.



We are very prayerful that someone somewhere will be inspired after listening to Adrian’s musical testimonies. We petition that souls be saved and removed from the darkness of evil. We certainly could use your prayer and support in this spiritual endeavor! Many artists will tell you that it can be very expensive reaching a targeted audience through conventional methods. Thanks to opportunities such as the “Wix Opening Music Act” and our attainable marketing services Adrian was recognized and given the push to deliver his projects to the mass media in a speedy way!


Adrian Logan - Pookie wit tha UziTaking a moment out of your busy schedule to share Christian content is probably the best marketing support that any Christian artist or musician can ask for. Sharing is voicing your approval, which is like your word of mouth. And as many of you already know, your words can bring life or death. (Proverbs 18:21)


You don’t have to like a particular genre of music to promote God’s message. That’s a strategy the devil been using to divide us for many years. The same with the many different divisions and denominations of the church as told in the book of Acts. Personally, I think its non-sense. In fact if we go back to the original sound of biblical music, none of us alive today would probably like what Christians listened to decades ago. However, we still support the bible and the messages.


Perhaps if you can just support the message that this young artist is trying to relay to all of God’s children, we can start attracting non-believers in an unconventional way. But that’s just our thinking! What say you?