Record Label Liaison Has 6 Paid Singer Songwriter Gigs

Record Label Seeking to Hire 6 Gospel Singer Songwriters to Perform

For artists it’s a great way to shine the light on your music in front of a targeted audience and getting paid for doing something you have a passion for. It’s the dream that many artists would like to partake in anytime an open door emerge.

Here are some of the things you ought to know before submitting to our record label contact person:

Selected individuals will be presented to the purchaser, and after that a financial plan and honorarium will be determined with details.

Current projection for the event:

1. Anticipated date is March of 2016.

2. The way things are at this moment; the pay scale for every artist will be in accordance to their experience, accessible music selections, and popularity.

3. The voyage is a 4-day occasion leaving from Tampa, FL to Mexico and back.

4. There will be 6 artists and 1 gospel comedian (MC) performing.

5. There will be 1 headliner. The headliner will be paid at a different pay scale than the other artists. The comedian will also be paid at a different pay scale than the other artists.

6. Each artist’s cruise travel is covered, but the artist travel to the cruise will not be provided.

7. This will be the first of the annual Gospel cruises. Each artist must have their backing tracks for their performance.

8. Bell Time Record’s point of contact for the cruise is experienced and has worked with cruises for 15 years.

What is needed from you?

1. To know that you are interested (reply to Michael Bell at the bottom).

2. Sign a short agreement authorizing Michael Bell to make this deal happen for you as your agent.

3. The agreement will clearly provide all the pertinent details.

4. Once an offer is made, artist can determine if they want to sign a contract to complete the deal.

5. Email the following to Michael Bell at the address below: Include your bio, a link to your website (if you have one), a link to your Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, music (if available), videos or other sites that supports your gifts and talents, and lastly your visibility as an artist.

Again, please send all requested information directly to our liaison Michael Bell at the email addresses below. No other option will be accepted on this platform!

Michael Bell - Record Label LiaisonMichael Bell

[email protected]

[email protected]


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