Silke & Hagen Roesler’s New Single ‘Chainbreaker’ On YouTube

Silke & Hagen Roesler


Written By Taylor Valery

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What You Should Know About Silke & Hagen Roesler:

Silke & Hagen Roesler are worship leaders and a gospel band from Bremerhaven, Germany. On August 29, 2020, they released their new ‘Chainbreaker’ single. After enjoying three decades making worship and gospel music for other artists, Hagen returned to making music - and with the blessed assistance of his lovely wife Silke of more than 20 years. Hagan’s musical expertise shines through this with the release of ‘Chainbreaker,’ and Silke’s vocals are the silk adding great texture to this spiritual song.

There is cause for celebration! Why? Well, on YouTube 'Chainbreaker' has already amassed more than 35k views, which is incredible for an indie song having only been out for a month. That acclaim easily represents the many people who are loving the wisdom of Psalm 95 interpreted through song.

What 'Chainbreaker' Sounds Like:

'Chainbreaker' sounds like a song performed for Thanksgiving Sunday service. A song the choir sings after the benediction, praising the most high. A song on praise and worship radio stations promoting the good news. 'Chainbreaker' sounds like a secret fact of life, beyond the noise of society.

This song is water for the parched plants. Vocally, this dynamic duo successfully sings in unison, and it sounds like blissful anointing. The way Silke & Hagen’s high energy and camaraderie are felt through the song, and amplified in the music video, suggests uniting with others can create magic.

The Story Behind 'Chainbreaker':

One’s faith in God can be measured by one’s faith in himself. After watching the music video for ‘Chainbreaker,’ it’s obvious Silke and Hagen have admirable faith. The surety in their vocals, and the rightness of their lyrics show me an undoable tether to Christ. It also shows me their willingness to praise God openly, just as Psalms 95 encourages us to do. Here’s what Hagen had to say about the verse’s influence on the creation of ‘Chainbreaker’....

“[In reference to Psalm 95] Thanksgiving, for me, is so important. To have a thanksgiving heart of worship can change your life. Thanksgiving directs your gaze away from all the bad and sad things that may happen in your life, to what He has done for you. Think about the good things in your life, this might be sometimes hard to see, but there are good things. And when your heart is bound to grief and sorrows, let the Lord be your Chainbreaker….”

Silke & Hagen Roesler recognize Christ as King, and they’re floating in the arms of God with ‘Chainbreaker.’ This is proof that casting your burdens to Christ brings life, just as the sun brings warmth, and the application of knowledge brings wisdom.

'Chainbreaker' Spiritual/Lyrical Highlights

“Let’s joyfully shout to the Lord, He is the rock of our salvation….” This trumpeting lyric, an interpolation of Psalm 95, comes at about the song’s midpoint, and it's a pretty powerful suggestion. It’s free money if you think about it. When you are close to God, blessings fall from the sky, and doors emerge from what we call failures and mistakes. The key is to remain relaxed and alert in the knowledge that God will take care of you.

According to Hagen, the song is equally inspired by Psalm 116:16. He affirms, “Jesus already freed us from our chains, be thankful for that and trust him; because we know that God works for the good of those who love him….for those who have been called according to his purpose.”

The commonality of both Psalm 95 and 116:16 is timeless advice, and an effective foundation for a song. Those two verses encourage me to defeat fear with faith, not letting anything external steal my mind or joy, praising God verbally and non-verbally (action).

Targeted For Fans Of:

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Final Thought About 'Chainbreaker':

‘Chainbreaker’ is a praise and worship song that can trigger a light switch to power on inside those still soul-searching. Also, it is a pleasant reminder that once one wakes to Christ within, once one truly discovers and accepts who they are, they will inevitably break chains and barriers that may seem set.

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