Interview With PJ McKeithan From Under The Radar Records

PJ McKeithan

Kingdom Taking discussion with PJ McKeithan and The Equilizer helps us to understand how and why the world view Christians a certain way.

In this broadcast our affiliate partner “Not By Bread Alone Radio” and host Kingdom Taking is joined with special guests PJ McKeithan and The Equilizer from Under the Radar Records. From the onset, Kingdom Taking ask the guests “Do you believe Christianity is a domestic threat and if so, why”. They converse on “what differentiate us from being supporters of Christ versus Just being a Christians”. How we’re delineated from a worldly point of view versus how we ought to be delineated according to the bible.

Making up for lost time, Kingdom Taking learn from Tim the Equilizer that he is continuously dropping Godly music. In fact, Tim acquainted listeners with PJ McKeithan who is the newest artist that was added to the roster at Under the Radar Records. PJ participated in the discussion letting us know about his exploration performing mainstream music, how it formed him for this very calling, and how he got connected with Under the Radar Records. This was another great show that I was very happy to learn of the talented Christian artists making a difference!

The Radio Show Playlist:

MurkDatFlesh by PJ McKeithan feat. Alias
Lord I Need You by The Disciple & John K (Discipleship Mix)
Saints by Alias, Cruz, and Steven Malcolm
Get Up Off Me by PJ McKeithan
Whoa by The Disciple & John K
War Time by S.A.I.N.T, The Disciple & Revleation
God Bless by PJ McKeithan
Slave by The I.O.G. Feat. The Equilizer, S.O.D. and Alias
Lose My Soul by Gen 50 20 and Coffee Jones of G.R.I.T.S.

To learn more about PJ Mckeithan, please visit: ▶︎ Transforming | PJ McKeithan | Under The Radar Records™ (

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