Devine Jamz Gospel Network offer top-level recording artists an opportunity to reach the mass on Major Commercial FM and Digital Radio Networks. Approved services is guaranteed airplay by legitimate, monitored, radio stations that are verifiable by third-party companies such as Digital Radio Tracker, Mediabase, and DBS.

Radio stations include Terrestrial Commercial FM Radio Stations, major radio stations played on Internet Tunein, Streema, Streamlicensing, Radionomy, AOL, iTunes Radio, Pandora, Accuradio, iHeart Radio, Audiorealm, On Demand, Yahoo! Rhapsody, MTV Radio, Shoutcast Radio Broadcasters, BBC Radio, Satellite Sirius XM & Music Choice.

FM Radio Airplay Guaranteed



Featured Spotlight Artist

The top-performing artists receive all-in-one music marketing services and representation managed by assigned promoters.

National Radio Airplay

Approved projects are guaranteed charting and national radio airplay on legitimate monitored stations that are verifiable.

Distributor Marketing

Sales and marketing service that enables artists to sell to customers they could not reach with their own resources.

Social Media Distribution

Our content distribution channels, brand, and support will leverage power to your project on social media.

Public Relations

It’s critical we speak with your clients and different partners to help them comprehend your story.

World Radio Promotion

180 countries & 250,000 digital stations that can hear your music and track the spins weekly

Music Publisher Review

Our Examiners provide proficient experience as an artist, columnists, author, photographer, radio host, TV host, and project executive 

Banner Ad Placement

From start to finish we design a custom banner ad or a graphic flyer then advertise it on niche websites.


Atlanta, New York/New Jersey, LA, Orlando, Chicago, & Dallas are cities that host our conference with music and film VIP’s

Our Skills

Our team members are professionals who use their gift and talent to serve God foremost. They each have their own ministry and skills that they contribute to Devine Jamz Gospel Network in a unified partnership. In addition, our affiliates are independently operated and set the standards for their own performances and reliability. It is your responsibility to conduct your own due diligence regarding the safe and successful operation of your business if you intend to use any of our information in any way.

Marketing 94%
Advertising 96%
Radio Airplay 91%
Partnerships 88%


Featured Spotlight Artists are Christian Singer-Songwriters, Musicians, and/or Producers that are recognized for professionally produced mixed mastered music, excellent vocals, background, and/or songwriting skills. They are artists who use our brand, audience, and direct marketing for leveraging their individual projects. Only a limited number of recording artists are listed at the position they are in so we congratulate the amazing and talented men and women granted our spotlight publicity. We know there is much to come in their near future so stay connected by clicking on their image for more details.

What Others Say

As a writer with a strong background in Christian and Americana styles, I really enjoy the simplicity in which you share important concepts! So very accessible. I'll use what you teach at my website. Your strategies will compliment my performance on keyboards, piano, and bass.

I have seen this system in action and can testify that "Devine Jamz" produces - RESULTS. If you are trying to get the word out about your project, website, or services you have come to the right place.

I approve of Divine Jamz Gospel Network! I am so grateful to be apart of the family! Thanks so much for what you're doing for us; more blessings to you!

Great ministry! I thank God for this company! They have given me the opportunity to spread his word through my music.

Client Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is important to us because it provides our marketers and affiliate partnerships with a metric that we can use to manage and improve our businesses.



Ray Oster

Founder / Adviser

After a near-fatal car accident, U.S. Air Force Veteran Ray was permanently paralyzed in his right arm, hand, and fingers. Read More

Brenda Solomon - DJGN General Manager

Brenda Solomon

General Manager

Brenda is the General Manager and the go to person at Devine Jamz Gospel Network. Brenda is a manager who Read More

Vernon Dale Cook - Social Media Contributor

Vernon Dale Cook

Social Media Liaison

Dale distributes our content on social media on a consistent basis. He also creates video blogs and minister scriptures in Read More

David E Maxwell - Content Contributor With Devine Jamz Gospel Network

David E. Maxwell

Publisher/Music Review Liaison

David E. Maxwell is the Founder & CEO of a music production company that create and produce instrumental music for Read More

Lady Rie - Radio Personality Liaison

Cherie Yvette

Radio Personality Liaison

Cherie is also known as “Lady Rie”! She’s a Radio Personality at a terrestrial radio station in Virginia. She’s a Read More

magazine editor, television broadcast host, radio broadcast host, entertainers, authors, political pundits, celebrities, community leaders

Cheryl Lacey Donovan

Media Relations Liaison

Cheryl is a media mogul! She’s an award winning best selling author,  magazine editor, founder and host of a local Read More

Jenny Morales - Artist Promoter

Jenny Morales

Promoter Liaison

Jenny Morales is the CEO of an artist promotions company and bilingual lyrists. Known as “The Queen of Promotions”, Jenny Read More

Michael Bell - Record Label Liaison

Michael Bell

Record Label Liaison

Michael Bell is a Record Producer, Music Composer, Musician, Radio Promoter, and the CEO of a record label. Michael has Read More