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Featured Spotlight Artist

This ultimate promotion is designed for top performing recording artists! Only a limited number of artists are chosen as Featured Spotlight Artists and granted this service. The artist receives long term marketing and is showcased as the leading performer among other artists within our network. They are in the spotlight of multiple platforms used as a portal, distribution, and publicity. [SEE MORE + THE SUBMIT FORM]

World Radio Promotion

With 180 countries and 250,000 stations to be heard by, there's no need to hope and wish your music can get the global attention! Real-Time tracking let you know who is listening around the world! Select from our (3) month campaigns that include a personalized Digital Press Kit, guaranteed spins a week, guaranteed Top 10 US Charting on Digital Radio Tracker, Top 10 charting on Europe’s Indie Top 200 Chart, popular magazine reviews, featured on the Euro Indie Top 20 Radio Countdown Show and much more. [SEE MORE + THE SUBMIT FORM]

Music Distributor Marketing

In most cases, Indie Christian Recording Artists must make aware to an audience how and where to download their music. If it's at a distributor store (Ex. Amazon, ITunes, CD Baby) our effective techniques will get the job done swiftly and correctly. We eliminate the task of getting the word out! [SEE MORE + THE SUBMIT FORM]

Social Media Distribution

Without a doubt Facebook, Twitter, Google, Linkedin, and affiliate social marketing networks we partner with will get your music in front of a targeted audience. We use advance marketing tools and updated techniques mainstream marketers use. [SEE MORE + THE SUBMIT FORM]

Banner Ad Placement

From start to finish we design a custom banner ad or a graphic flyer ad and advertise artists on our listed websites. 95% of all our web page views include featured ads that are positioned at the top of a web page, on the sidebar, and within the footer. Our ads are responsive and can be viewed on any device. It's an easy and inexpensive method that provides creative visual exposure monthly. [SEE MORE + THE SUBMIT FORM]

Own Your Radio Station

Take full control of the airwaves and become your own radio broadcaster. Host terrestrial or internet radio shows, paid advertisements, and content on an easy-to-use, feature-rich web player, with custom mobile apps. The Cirrus players are fully customizable. Stream in HE-AACv2 and MP3 and reach all desktops, browsers, and devices. [SEE MORE + THE SUBMIT FORM]

AMTC Conference & Performance

Devine Jamz Gospel Network is the Houston, Texas Promoter with AMTC (Actors, Models & Talent for Christ), a focused faith-based industry with 35-years-history of real world success. We invite a Featured Spotlight Artist to attend AMTC conference either in Atlanta, New York/New Jersey, LA, Orlando, Chicago, or Dallas. The AMTC event is a 3-day weekend invitation-only conference with educational marketing seminars, workshops, as well as VIP's from the Music and Film Industry. Invited artists also perform live before an audience where they can showcase their talent to leave an everlasting impression. A marketing package is provided before and after the conference, highlighting the artist performance at the AMTC event. [SEE MORE + THE SUBMIT FORM]

Public Relations

Public Relations can help you build a great relationship with your fans and customers. Using the content marketing strategy, we give value to your message. It's critical to speak with your clients and different partners to help them comprehend your story. [SEE MORE + THE SUBMIT FORM]

Premier Music Video Hosting

As a promoter for a high - end entertainment company, we present music videos to a target audience of 1 million fans. We host your media on a state-of-the-art internet platform with an app on iTunes and Google, an open-source technology that runs on a LEMP stack, Akamai CDN, with a Varnish caching frontend with 99.95% up time. Turn our followers, subscribers, and partners into your fans! [SEE MORE + THE SUBMIT FORM]

Gospel Radio Spotlight Airplay

With the Gospel Song Spotlight you get exposed to listeners from all over the world both over the radio and on Twitter! This radio promotion is willing to do something many neglect to do, build your brand! Get started now! [SEE MORE + THE SUBMIT FORM]

Music And Publisher Review

Our Music and Publisher Examiners have combined proficient experience as an artist, lyricist, vocalist, columnists, author, photographer, radio host, TV host, business visionary and/or project executives. Examiners have the ability to express through words, photograph, and media a profound aptitude in Christian music and publishing. [SEE MORE + THE SUBMIT FORM]

Headline Music News Ad

Get in the headline news with your music, event, press release, announcements, or important content you want to share with those in your niche. Get exposure like other talented entertainers are receiving on a responsive high-end platform. The Headline News Ads are featured for 30 days and distributed to subscribers and followers who receive information on the site such as marketing, gigs, events and new indie artists. [SEE MORE + THE SUBMIT FORM]



Our Premier Partnerships

What others say

I approve of Divine Jamz Gospel Network! I am so grateful to be apart of the family! Thanks so much for what you’re doing for us; more blessings to you!

Carlton Thomas

Carlton Thomas

Award Winning Gospel Artist

I have seen this system in action and can testify that “Devine Jamz” produces – RESULTS. If you are trying to get the word out about your project, website, or services you have come to the right place.

Ken Rich

Ken Rich

Owner@Indie Gospel

As a writer with a strong background in Christian and Americana styles, I really enjoy the simplicity in which you share important concepts! So very accessible. I’ll use what you teach at my website. Your strategies will compliment my performance on keyboards, piano, and bass.

Barbara Lister Williams

Barbara Lister Williams

Writer@Music by WilliamSong

I wish we had more people like you who don’t mind giving and sharing. I always say, God’s gift to us is life, and what we do with our life, is our gift back to Him. Thanks Devine Jamz Gospel Network!

David E. Maxwell

David E. Maxwell

Owner@Christian Musician Connection

A message from our founder

I'm certain my walk is not your walk! We all are on distinctive faith levels and have our own story to impart! I can without much of a stretch remember when I was experiencing a genuine enormous chaos. I mean various episodes took a swing at me one after another! First, I was involved in a near-fatal car accident which permanently paralyzed my right arm, hand, and fingers. Subsequently, I suffered from chronic pain and major depression. I had to medically retire in my Law Enforcement profession. My finances dropped tremendously. My college degree became useless for my initial career field. I lost hope and my direction in life. I became a drunken stupor that led to legal problems. But worst of all, I disappointed the one I love the most, daddy's little girl (daughter)! That is when I said I had enough of the devil's mess! I called on my Lord and savior for reinforcement! That was several years ago, but I can recall the events like it was yesterday! Through prayer, grace, and God's mercy I made a change in my life. Using biblical principles, I attained some huge objectives. Till this day, I'm taking back what the devil stole from me. I will not stop until I'm restored with everything plus interest. Don’t you give up either! We can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens us! Philippians 4:13
Brother Ray

Team Members

Brenda Solomon

Brenda Solomon

General Manager

Brenda is the General Manager and the go to person at Devine Jamz Gospel Network. Brenda is a manager who track and report record sales and airplay in regional markets. She’s also a marketer and publicist that works hard to put artists’ names in the news.

David E. Maxwell

David E. Maxwell

Publisher/Music Review Liaison

David E. Maxwell is the Founder & CEO of a music production company that create and produce instrumental music for Singers, Rappers, Movies, T.V., Commercials, and Ringtones. He’s a valuable Content Contributor with plenty years of experience in the industry as revealed in his various published articles.

Cheryl Lacey Donovan

Cheryl Lacey Donovan

Media Relations Liaison

Cheryl is a media mogul! She’s an award winning best selling author,  magazine editor, founder and host of a local television broadcast show, and she hosts a radio show interviewing some of the today’s most prolific entertainers, authors, political pundits, celebrities, and community leaders.

Cherie Yvette

Cherie Yvette

Radio Personality Liaison

Cherie is also known as “Lady Rie”! She’s a Radio Personality at a terrestrial radio station in Virginia. She’s a published author, CEO of a media entertainment organization, and carries a master’s degree in biblical counseling.

Vernon Dale Cook

Vernon Dale Cook

Social Media Liaison

Dale distributes our content on social media on a consistent basis. He also creates video blogs and minister scriptures in an educational setting. His messages are powerful and encouraging. His life is a testimony in itself and it reflects how God’s words are exactly what they say they are.

Jenny Morales

Jenny Morales

Promoter Liaison

Jenny Morales is the CEO of an artist promotions company and bilingual lyrists. Known as “The Queen of Promotions”, Jenny has been in the 1% on LinkedIn for three years now. Through her voice and position, it allows artists and their music to be heard and connected to potential fans, bookings, and music professionals!

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In The Spotlight

All The Astronauts

Light The Night By All The Astronauts – Album Review

By David E. Maxwell Christian Music Reviewer CEO of D.E.M. Beats Production LIGHT THE NIGHT MUSIC REVIEW   As I listened to the music of “All The Astronauts” (ATA), I […]

Joyce Im Bartholomew - Songs From The Deep

Joyce Im Bartholomew “Songs From The Deep”Air On “Christian Music Videos” TV Series

If Oscars were given for a job well done, we would nominate “Joyce Im Bartholomew” for her production of four music videos from her project “Songs From The Deep”.   […]

Wash Me All Over By Danny Hudson

New Album “Wash Me All Over” By Danny Hudson – Featured On Amazon

  Receive a complimentary gift valued at $25 with a purchase of $8.99 or more. Contact our Admin at support@devinemarketers.com for more details before your purchase is made.     […]


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