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Satellite TV Campaign

Christian Music Videos are broadcast on satellite TV to over 14 million household viewers; Airplay is for an entire week on multiple, targeted, satellite and cable TV networks; PR publicity publishing on a ranking Content Management System to announce showtime and help with music sells; Advertisement on the Gospel Music Entertainment News website and archived for future use; Distribution to social media networks and major bookmarks.

Public Relations

Christian And Gospel Music Marketers create and distribute content that's optimized and published on our ranking Content Management System. We promote news updates, press releases, current and upcoming projects, announcements, and other publicity. Content is indexed in the major search engines and also circulated through social media networks and communities where industry pioneers are found. Regardless of the amount of content you provide us to promote, we will publish it!

Email Marketing Campaign

Christian And Gospel Music Marketing Promoters will help build fans with our email marketing strategy. We will provide the software and web pages to effectively create and manage email campaigns. It's a strategy used in Internet sales marketing and gives fans a deeper reason for purchasing your music. It also sells your future projects once the system is set up!

Amazon Featured Listing

Devine Jamz Gospel Network is an Amazon Associate and permitted to operate our own Amazon Store. We FEATURE OUR INDIE ARTISTS on the front page of the Amazon store and unlike many we continuously push for a purchase. We create and distribute content about your music to our followers and the general public.

Featured Spotlight Artist

Christian And Gospel Music Marketing Promoters provides spotlight publicity which put you in the focus of attention. We provide music marketing squeeze pages to increase your fan list, create sells, and offer up sales for your next project.

Entertainment News

Christian And Gospel Music Marketing Promoters advertise all of your PR, updates and announcements in the "Gospel Music Entertainment Newspaper", which will give you excellent publicity coverage.
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Some Of Our Clients

What others say

Everything about Devine Jamz is just that. DIVINE!!! They have a support machine that NEVER stops! They are cutting edge and always ahead of the curve!

Fred Willis

Fred Willis


I have seen this system in action and can testify that “Devine Jamz” produces – RESULTS. If you are trying to get the word out about your project, website, or services you have come to the right place.

Ken Rich

Ken Rich

Owner@Indie Gospel

As a writer with a strong background in Christian and Americana styles, I really enjoy the simplicity in which you share important concepts! So very accessible. I’ll use what you teach at my website. Your strategies will compliment my performance on keyboards, piano, and bass.

Barbara Lister Williams

Barbara Lister Williams

Writer@Music by WilliamSong

I wish we had more people like you who don’t mind giving and sharing. I always say, God’s gift to us is life, and what we do with our life, is our gift back to Him.
Thanks Devine Jamz Gospel Network!

David E. Maxwell

David E. Maxwell

Owner@Christian Musician Connection

Team Leaders

Brenda Solomon

Brenda Solomon

General Manager

Brenda is the General Manager and the go to person at Devine Jamz Gospel Network. Brenda is a manager who track and report record sales and airplay in regional markets. She’s also a marketer and publicist that works hard to put artists’ names in the news.

Giovanni Abeni

Giovanni Abeni

Head Web Developer

Giovanni has been working in Web Design and Development for a long time and he really love his job. He would love to help you with your Web tasks and services if assigned to him by Devine Jamz Gospel Network. He have received nothing but 100% positive ratings.

Michael Bell

Michael Bell

Head Record Label Liaison

Michael Bell is a Record Producer, Music Composer, Musician, Radio Promoter, and the CEO of a record label. Michael has been in the music business for over thirty years and is very much connected with many of the music industry professionals.

Jenny Morales

Jenny Morales

Head Promoter Liaison

Jenny Morales is the CEO of an artist promotions company and bilingual lyrists. Known as “The Queen of Promotions”, Jenny has been in the 1% on LinkedIn for three years now. Through her voice and position, it allows artists and their music to be heard and connected to potential fans, bookings, and music professionals!

Vernon Dale Cook

Vernon Dale Cook

Head PR Contributor

Dale has been contributing public relations topics for a long time. He works hard sharing content, video blogs, and scripture in an educational format. His messages are God sent and very powerful. His life is a testimony in itself and it reflects how God’s words are exactly what they say they are.

Rachael Bradford

Rachael Bradford

Business Administration

Rachael is a volunteer intern and a graduate student pursuing her masters in business administration. She’s a person with the right business intelligence management skills that can make effective use of analytic tools, important management data, and evaluate business intelligence. We are grateful for her contribution and spiritual gift she brings to the team!

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Gospel Cruise Singer Songwriters

Record Label Liaison Has 6 Paid Singer Songwriter Gigs For Gospel Cruise Event

  Devine Jamz Record Label Liaison seeking to hire 6 Gospel singer songwriters to perform at a Gospel Cruise Event for pay. Also for hire, a family rated comedian that […]

Amara Duru - Beautiful

New Music Video “Beautiful” By Amara Was Chosen For Satellite TV Airplay!

Amara’s new music video “Beautiful” will air on “Christian Music Videos” September 21 – 27, 2015   With over 14 million household viewers watching the international television series “Christian Music […]

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Adrian Logan - Recording Artist
Stephanie Greaves
Rebecca Kalyani
Phil Marks Sr
Antione Minor
Jennie Stiefel - Contemporary Christian Singer

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Our team of professionals uses their gift and talent to serve God foremost! In addition, they each have their own ministry and skills that they contribute to Devine Jamz Gospel Network in a unified partnership. Some of the skills contributed and the percentage of each service requested are listed here.
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A message from our founder

I'm certain my walk is not your walk! We all are on distinctive faith levels and have our story to impart! I can without much of a stretch remember when I was experiencing a genuine enormous chaos. I mean various episodes took a swing at me all at the same time! I was involved in a major car accident and lost the use of my right arm, suffered from chronic pain, I had to medically retire in my Law Enforcement profession, my finances dropped tremendously, and I became a drunken stupor that led to legal problems! I can recall the events like it was yesterday! But through grace and mercy I attained some huge objectives that I set for myself. I didn’t give up hope. Don’t you give up either!
Brother Ray