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Organization: Devine Jamz Gospel Network
Contact Name: Ray Oster
Position Type: Virtual Volunteering (from home)
Address: 5210 Griggs Rd. #14350, Houston, Texas 77021, United States
Great For: Internship or Cross Promoting
Service Area(s): Writing / Editing, Worship/Music/Choir
Number of Positions: 20
One-time / Ongoing Position: Ongoing Position



Why not utilize any of our Blogs which are already generating a target fan base eager to read new content. Publishing valuable content through a Blog Contributor program is a leading method for marketing any song, project, product or service. Posting your content in the form of a story on any of our Blogs will easily get you in major search engines and draw in the desired traffic (inbound marketing) as opposed to you trying to search and entice people to read your promotional content. This will cut your marketing expenses tremendously if you need to promote your content.

Devine Jamz Gospel Network invites all bloggers not just Songwriters to join our online team of professionals today! Start generating traffic! We are accepting multi-talented and gifted bloggers who are capable of formulating an intellectual topic relating to music, songwriting tips, producer tips, marketing tips, Christianity, or any relevant topic that will complement our platform and educate readers.



1. Blogger should be experienced in the field they write about.


1. We have multiple platforms to select from.

2. We distribute your blog post to professionals in our LinkedIn Marketing Group.

3. Bloggers gain more traffic from our followers and partners.

4. Bloggers can create backlinks to boost their own website SEO.

5. Bloggers receive a nominal cash donation for publishing if available for servicing.

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