Author Tarsha M. Green Opens Up About “Constantly Redeemed”

Author Tarsha M. Green: New Release Book Interview

Devine Jamz Gospel Network - November 25, 2023

As the release date for Tarsha M. Green's debut book, "Constantly Redeemed," approaches on December 1, 2023, Devine Jamz Gospel Network conducted an insightful interview with the author. The purpose of this interview is to bring awareness to the inspiring journey encapsulated in the upcoming book. Tarsha, a native of Houston, Texas, bore her soul, sharing the highs and lows that shaped her remarkable life.

Constantly Redeemed

Interviewer Question: Can you elaborate on the significance of the title "Constantly Redeemed" and how it reflects the theme of your life's journey?

Tarsha: "Constantly Redeemed" is a true reflection of my life story. Despite learning about God's love and how He has saved me from various situations, I constantly struggled with the same sin and needed constant redemption. It's truly clear that no matter how many times I fell, He was always there to pick me up whenever I cried out to Him. There have also been numerous times when He has saved and redeemed me without me even realizing it. As I reflect on those moments when I was blinded by sin and didn't realize that I needed God's saving grace, I become even more aware of His love and His presence in my life.

Interviewer Question: In Chapter 1, you mention the challenges of being a teenage mother. How do you believe your experiences can resonate with and inspire other young mothers facing similar struggles?

Tarsha: Teen mothers are often judged and stereotyped by many people, which can be a source of embarrassment and shame for them, even from family and friends. However, I pray that my story and experiences can show them that this is not where their journey ends. As long as they do not give up, there is always hope and more to life, and they can only find it in the Lord Christ Jesus.

Interviewer Question: Chapter 3 discusses the labels and reputations you acquired during your youth. How did these labels impact your self-perception, and how did you overcome the societal judgment associated with them?

Tarsha: I know this may sound strange, but for the longest time, I didn't have any self-perception. I wasn't aware that I was doing anything wrong, so I didn't understand why people were labeling me as such. Instead of looking at myself, I was blaming others for everything. It took me years to realize that there was something wrong within me. Since society has been judging me since I was a teenage girl, I still periodically struggle with it as an adult woman. But I overcome those thoughts by reflecting and meditating on how God sees me. I find peace in knowing that God, the supreme judge, views me as worthy, whole, and forgiven.

Interviewer Question: The excerpts mention your enlistment in the U.S. Army as a pivotal decision. How did military service contribute to your personal growth and transformation?

Tarsha: The military blessed me with the discipline I desperately needed. As a young lady, I was used to running wild in the streets whenever I wanted, so transitioning to someone commanding my every move was a huge adjustment. I also believe that being in the Army changed me from being a selfish person to learning how to care and watch out for the well-being of others.

Interviewer Question: Chapter 7 touches on the strained relationship with your mother after the death of your brother. How did you navigate through such challenging family dynamics, and what role did faith play in the healing process?

Tarsha: That period in my life was the most challenging experience I have had thus far. I did not mention it in my book, but during this time, since my son was living with my mother, I was also unable to see him. That alone added to the excruciating pain that I was already enduring. During this time, I made decisions that did not please the Lord. However, I am grateful that I had people praying for me during that dark moment of my life. That was the only way I made it through. So, it was not anything special I did, but it was the prayers of others, the encouragement from my grandmother, and simply the grace of God that kept me going and lead me to heal.

Interviewer Question: In Chapter 8, you describe your commitment to living according to God's Word, but then straying away. Can you share more about the internal struggles you faced during this period and how you found your way back to your faith?

Tarsha: After committing to living according to the word of God, I strayed away and faced a lot of condemnation. I felt unworthy and believed that I couldn't overcome the battle with sin. This led me to believe that God was always disappointed and no longer pleased with me nor my efforts. I later realized that these feelings of condemnation were not from God, but rather from the enemy. God convicts us, but He does not make us feel worthless when we fail. Understanding this propelled me to another level in my faith. Now, when I do fall, I don't remain down for long, and I am not trapped in a slippery slope of sin simply because I’m too afraid to approach the throne of grace with my sin.

Interviewer Question: The excerpts highlight your experiences with demonic influences and spiritual battles. How did you recognize and overcome these challenges, and what advice do you have for others facing similar spiritual warfare?

Tarsha: I was unaware that the things I had been using, such as crystals, sage, tarot cards, etc. were the opening of demonic influences until it was too late. I had reached the point of no return when God's Holy Spirit intervened and saved me. Many people are being deceived by these items and similar New Age teachings. They might seem harmless, but they are actually opening dangerous demonic portals and they are also becoming idols in people's lives. Instead of relying on God, people are depending on these objects to protect them, tell them things to come, and save them. My advice to those who are using any of these New Age practices is to release them and build a true relationship with the One True Living God. It is important to rid your homes, minds, and souls of things that are not of God before it's too late.

Interviewer Question: Chapter 9 mentions your second marriage and subsequent feelings of emptiness despite external success. How did you cope with the internal struggles, and what led you to seek help for your mental health?

Tarsha: After my ex-husband sporadically and silently abandoned me, I felt like I was free to do and live how I wanted at the time, which is how I filled the emptiness, but that quickly wore off once I began to feel a drastic shift in my mental health. I started to feel like I was reaching my breaking point mentally. There was a heavy feeling in my spirit that something was coming to take over the world, but I couldn't tell if it was the end of the world or just the end of my own world. This heavy feeling, coupled with my inability to focus or remember certain work tasks, is what led me to seek help.

Interviewer Question: In Chapter 10, you express fear of failing again. How did you overcome this fear, and what role did faith play in your journey to redemption?

Tarsha: I learned that fear is another trick of the enemy. While I never want to fail, I also understand that I cannot live in fear of failure, otherwise, I'll be stuck and stagnant. The enemy wants us to remain in a state of fear and despair, preventing us from embarking on our journey of redemption. Overcoming fear allowed me to break free and draw nearer to God.

Interviewer Final Question: The concluding chapter, "REDEEMED!" suggests a turning point in your story. Can you share the moment or realization that marked your full embrace of redemption, and how has it shaped your life since then?

Tarsha: Moving to Africa for about a year played a significant role in my spiritual life and growth. It helped me break free from the monotonous work culture that we have here in America and allowed me to experience divine rest, revelation, and healing from God. Being in Africa, I was able to deepen my connection with God, Jesus, and His Holy Spirit. Spending quality time alone with the Trinity helped me embrace my calling and understand that I am loved and desired by God. Jesus helped me realize that I was created to serve the God of Redemption which changed my outlook on life and the way I view myself. Knowing that I am redeemed by The Most High God gives me complete confidence, regardless of the sins of my past. I no longer carry the burden or guilt of my sins, mistakes, and/or wrongdoings. I now truly understand and even appreciate that everything that I have been through is being used for the greater good of God's kingdom.

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Constantly Redeemed is about the aftermath of trauma that invades one's life without notice and continues to assault its victim until every area of their life spirals out of control. They experience one vicious cycle after another until they hit rock-bottom. The downward spiraling experience is real for millions of women throughout all generations. The most important objective to remember is "The spiral ascends upward as well to a divine plan." God has a plan of escape for you and it is shared with you through the author's journey of redemption.

  • ISBN: 979-8367129533
  • Page count: 143
  • Published: 2023-06-28
  • Format: Paperback
  • Publisher: Independently published
  • Language: English
  • Author: Tarsha M. Green

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