He’ll Work Things Out: Michael Encarnacion’s Uplifting Anthem of Faith from the ‘Perfect Love’ Album


In the world of Contemporary Christian Music, Michael Encarnacion emerges as a rising independent artist with his latest release, “He’ll Work Things Out,” featured on the album ‘Perfect Love.’ Released on 11/03/2023, this soul-stirring anthem is now available on all major online distribution stores for streaming, promising listeners a profound journey of faith and assurance.

He'll Work Things Out

Discover Divine Inspiration: Unveiling the Genesis of “He’ll Work Things Out”

The creative spark behind “He’ll Work Things Out” ignited during Michael Encarnacion’s morning commute as he tuned into a YouTube Christian channel. A piano organ chord progression served as the catalyst, leading him to hum a melody that would eventually blossom into this powerful composition. What began as mere gibberish evolved into a testament of faith and resilience.

From Commute to Composition: Michael Encarnacion’s Musical Journey

Inspiration struck on the move, but the true magic unfolded when Michael returned home. Translating the humming and chord progressions into a tangible draft, he discovered the song’s potential. Despite facing a challenging day filled with doubts about his purpose in God’s Kingdom, Michael found solace in the realization that God works things out in His perfect timing.

Navigating Doubts, Embracing Faith: The Heart Behind the Lyrics

“He’ll Work Things Out” is more than a melody; it’s a testament to overcoming doubt and embracing unwavering faith. Michael Encarnacion candidly shares how his own struggles and questions paved the way for a song that resonates with anyone facing uncertainty. In moments of despair, the lyrics remind us that God is in control, orchestrating our lives with love and precision.

Perfect Timing, Perfect Love: Unpacking the Theological Layers

The song delves into the theological concept that what may seem like an eternity to us is just a brief moment in God’s plan. Even in the midst of life’s storms, “He’ll Work Things Out” echoes the belief that every season serves a purpose, and God’s perfect love guides us through it all.

On the Airwaves: “He’ll Work Things Out” Resonates Nationally in Radio Airplay Campaign

Adding to its impact, “He’ll Work Things Out” has been strategically placed in a national radio airplay campaign through Devine Jamz Gospel Network. Currently, the song is in rotation, reaching audiences across multiple radio stations in various digital radio markets. This additional exposure ensures that Michael Encarnacion’s message of hope and faith is reaching a broader demographic of listeners.

Available Now: Stream Michael Encarnacion’s Contemporary Christian Masterpiece

As you embark on a musical journey with Michael Encarnacion, immerse yourself in the reassuring melodies of “He’ll Work Things Out.” Available on all major online distribution stores, this Contemporary Christian gem is set to captivate audiences searching for faith-infused tunes.

For more updates on Michael Encarnacion’s music and other uplifting Contemporary Christian releases, stay tuned to the Devine Jamz Gospel Network. In the spirit of supporting independent artists, let’s join together in celebrating the transformative power of music that transcends boundaries and speaks to the soul.

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