About Devine Jamz Gospel Network

Christian Music Marketing Promoter

Mission Statement


  • We want to help win souls foremost and not to distract you from doing the same with high price marketing!

  • We "do not store up for ourselves treasures on earth" (Matt 6:19)

  • We do all this for the sake of the gospel, that we may share in its blessings. (1 Corin 9:23)

  • We want to provide hope and the opportunity with services you need to fulfill part of your goals.
  • Who Are We?


    Devine Jamz Gospel Network is a faith-based internet marketing organization with Christian music promoters, affiliate marketers, and resources that advance Christian singer-songwriters, record labels, and related businesses.

  • We develop relationships with your potential fans using internet marketing methodologies!

  • We offer strategies that target and identify your fans who are more likely to purchase your style of music!

  • We sell directly to and monetize your relationships.

  • You don’t need major record labels nowadays; Just a great project, a great marketing strategy, and attainable services!
  • What Can We Offer?


    Using Internet Marketing methodologies we offer individual strategies that compliment each other. We showcase projects on several different media platforms. Each platform provides search engine optimization for better awareness, visibility, and more exposure for projects.


  • Premier Music & Video Streaming with a million connected followes.

  • Exceptional public relations publishing with a support system that never stops!

  • Featured Spotlight Artist long term marketing services reserved for the top performers.

  • Free trial email marketing that gives fans a deeper reason for purchasing your music.

  • Music Distributor Marketing  for recording artists with stellar music stored in online stores.

  • Radio interviews, Airplay, Spotlight, Broadcast System with content marketing and social media marketing

  • Explore so much more on the "Services" page.
  • 8 thoughts on “About Devine Jamz Gospel Network

      1. Hi Calvin! The process for submitting for any of our services is by filling out the Submit form found at the bottom of any of our detailed service page. If the artist qualify we will reply!

    1. Hi Devine Jamz
      I new at this online promoting services, I was wondering how does it work
      If i am going to promote my music
      through your service, how much does it cost
      how do you guys and I benefit from this
      And I live in Norway and I newly started making gospel music

      1. Hi Jeremiah,

        Thank you for reach out to us. We can assist you with your questions!

        1. Each music marketing methodology and promotion is listed on our “Services” page.

        2. Review each of our promotion’s short description.

        3. CLICK ON ANY PROMOTION TITLE or at the end of the short description where it states [SEE MORE + THE SUBMIT FORM], you will be re-directed to more details about the promotion and the submit form.

        4. Fill out the submit form at the bottom of the page. Check all the services that you are interested in on the submit form.

        5. We will review your content to see if you meet our qualifications. If accepted, we will contact you with more information.

        Let us know if there is anything else we can help you with. Again, thank you for reaching out to us!

    2. hi from Willie Miller aka Optimus rhyme AKA coolchillwill. I am a gospel rap recording artist from Spartanburg South Carolina I write love songs as well they are very clean. I also have a a live performance music video on stage. I am trying to find myself a manager that was signed me and possibly help get my music in the stores. I want to go beyond just online sales for my music is on the internet. I need to get my music in stores such as BJ music.kiss records in Greenville South Carolina and the first store and getI mention it is in Spartanburg South Carolina.I would like to get my my music CD in Target stores as well Walmart Kmart Best Buy. can someone give me a call back at 864 606 7693.sincerely Willie Miller.

      1. Hi Willie. All of our services are on the Internet. We do not use brick and mortar stores! If you have music on Amazon, we can place qualifying artists on Amazon front page. Go to “Amazon Featured Music Publishing” and you will see the details to get you started. Simply fill out the promotion form at the bottom of the page. If your music qualify we will contact you by phone or email.

    3. Is it possible that your organization is operated by a team of Godly Christ Believing Holy Spirit filled people? Praise God!!!!

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