Who We Are

  Devine Jamz Gospel Network is a faith-based internet marketing organization with Christian music promoters, affiliate marketers, and resources that advance Christian singer-songwriters, record labels, and related businesses.

  Our connection with other marketing agencies allows us to promote music projects at a lower rate as opposed to going to our partners directly on your own!

  We develop relationships with your potential fans using internet marketing methodologies!

  We offer strategies that target and identify your fans who are more likely to purchase your style of music!

Mission Statement

  We want to help win souls foremost and not to distract you from doing the same with high price marketing!

  We "do not store up for ourselves treasures on earth" (Matt 6:19)

  We do all this for the sake of the gospel, that we may share in its blessings. (1 Corin 9:23)

  We want to provide hope and the opportunity with services you need to fulfill part of your goals.

Serving With A Pure Heart

  Our work done for God is purely because we love God!

  Our work done for God is done in obedience to Him and His Word!

  Our work done for God is done by faith, leaning entirely on Him and trusting in Him for the success of the work.

  Our work done for God is done to glorify Him.

Our work done for God is NOT DONE for acknowledgement, admiration, or applause by people.


Free Music Marketing Consultation

Our free consultation will help you understand how our marketing services support your music project.

Featured Spotlight Artist

Select top artists receive a Project Manager who utilize marketing strategies and promotions on a long term basis.

National Radio Airplay

Approved quality songs played on legitimate monitored radio stations that are verifiable through 3rd party weekly airplay reports.

Press Release Distribution

Distribution to Search Engines, Associated Press, Newspapers, Syndication to Industry/News Sites, Newswire + more

Public Relations

Speak to an audience through our Public Relation and Platinum Press Release Distribution. Your news get heard with our resources

Distributor Marketing

Sales and marketing service that enables artists to sell to customers they could not reach with their own resources.

Music Video Marketing

We add videos to Faith-Based Media Programming Channel with the partnership of music and film executives.

Social Media Distribution

Our content distribution channels, brand, and support will leverage power to your project on social media.

World Radio Airplay

180 countries & 250,000 digital stations that can hear your music and track the spins weekly

Music Publisher Review

Our Examiners provide proficient experience as an artist, columnists, author, photographer, radio host, TV host, and project executive 

Banner Ad Placement

From start to finish we design a custom banner ad or a graphic flyer then advertise it on niche websites.

Own Your Radio Station

Host terrestrial or an internet radio show and promote ads with an easy-to-use feature-rich web player with custom mobile apps 

Gospel Radio Spotlight Airplay

Gospel Song Spotlight is a single niche radio airplay service that will help build your brand!  

Free Email Marketing

Create an email marketing campaign for FREE and earn potential sales! Test drive our affiliate partner's software to build a fan base that converts into earned income.