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Free Music Marketing Consultation

Our free consultation will help you understand how our marketing services support your music project.

Featured Spotlight Artist

A qualified client receives a Project Manager or Marketing Specialists who implement a marketing strategy and delegate promotions.

National Radio Airplay

Approved projects are guaranteed charting and national radio airplay on legitimate monitored stations that are verifiable.

Distributor Marketing

Sales and marketing service that enables artists to sell to customers they could not reach with their own resources.

Music Video Marketing

YouTube & Vimeo worldwide views, geo-targeted views, likes, subscribers, shares, and relevant organic comments; added to faith-based entertainment channel.

Social Media Distribution

Our content distribution channels, brand, and support will leverage power to your project on social media.

Public Relations

It's critical we speak with your clients and different partners to help them comprehend your story.

World Radio Promotion

180 countries & 250,000 digital stations that can hear your music and track the spins weekly

Music Publisher Review

Our Examiners provide proficient experience as an artist, columnists, author, photographer, radio host, TV host, and project executive 

Banner Ad Placement

From start to finish we design a custom banner ad or a graphic flyer then advertise it on niche websites.


Atlanta, New York/New Jersey, LA, Orlando, Chicago, & Dallas are cities that host our conference with music and film VIP’s

Own Your Radio Station

Host terrestrial or an internet radio show and promote ads with an easy-to-use feature-rich web player with custom mobile apps 

Gospel Radio Spotlight Airplay

Gospel Song Spotlight is a single niche radio airplay service that will help build your brand!  

Free Email Marketing

Create an email marketing campaign for FREE and earn potential sales! Test drive our affiliate partner's software to build a fan base that converts into earned income.

Headline Music News Ad

Your accomplished news publicize in the top headline of music entertainment digital news

Our skills

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First skill 64%
Second skill 89%
Third skill 65%
Last skill 82%

Meet the team

Ray Oster

Founder / Adviser

Brenda Solomon - DJGN General Manager

Brenda Solomon

General Manager

Vernon Dale Cook - Social Media Contributor

Vernon Dale Cook

Social Media Liaison

David E Maxwell - Content Contributor With Devine Jamz Gospel Network

David E. Maxwell

Publisher/Music Review Liaison


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As a writer with a strong background in Christian and Americana styles, I really enjoy the simplicity in which you share important concepts! So very accessible. I'll use what you teach at my website. Your strategies will compliment my performance on keyboards, piano, and bass.

I have seen this system in action and can testify that "Devine Jamz" produces - RESULTS. If you are trying to get the word out about your project, website, or services you have come to the right place.

I approve of Divine Jamz Gospel Network! I am so grateful to be apart of the family! Thanks so much for what you're doing for us; more blessings to you!

Great ministry! I thank God for this company! They have given me the opportunity to spread his word through my music.

Client satisfaction

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