Frequent Asked Questions

About The Services We Offer


– What do we offer Christian ministries?

We provide free Christian music marketing tips and low cost music marketing services below the market value of mainstream promoters.

Services that are free


  • Submit Free Article about your marketing services, music promoter services, PR company services, educational purpose, or anything that will educate singer songwriters and musicians!
  • When announced each year, Christian artists can submit a Free SoundCloud Track to promote and market music on our compilation playlist. The playlist is marketed on a portal with 4 other huge marketing networks provided by our affiliate partner.
  • Receive our affiliate partner’s Free 40 Minute music marketing video on how to do-it-your self.
  • Join us Free on Linkedin, Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter.


Service at low rates


  • We offer several individual marketing strategies that we showcase on several multi media platforms.
  • It’s our primary source for maintaining all of our websites and software to promote and market Christian ministries.


About Our Marketing Divisions


– What are the different divisions and websites?


  • Our Promoting The Gospel is a division of Devine Jamz Gospel Network that provides content publishing of Christian and Gospel recording artists, partners, and related businesses within multiple categories all in one location.
  • Our Gospel Music Entertainment News Site promotes Independent Gospel Music And Ministries through advertising and publishing. As an incentive for members, individuals who advertise in our Linkedin Group receive free press exposure when we include their content from our social network platform.
  • Christian Artists Music in The Spotlight is a division of Devine Jamz Gospel Network that place indie Christian artists music in the spotlight of a music-marketing network!
  • Lastly, our Gospel Music Public Relations site is a platform that provides content marketing to showcase marketing strategies, partnerships, Christian and Gospel recording artists, and various encouraging topics.


Affiliate Marketing And Cross Promoting Partnership


– How Can Ministries or Businesses Partnership With Us?


  • We partner with selective businesses that are in an affiliate marketing program and/or cross promoting partnership.


– What Are The Qualifications For Partnerships?


Working Together Through “Affiliate Marketing”.

Must have an “Affiliate Marketing Program” in which a business aka merchant (with products or services) rewards the affiliate (Devine Jamz Gospel Network) with a sales percentage for driving customers to the business website to purchase services and/or products. The business/merchant with the services and/or product only pays a percentage to the affiliate when the affiliate sells the product or service for the business. Together a strategic partnership is formed between the business, affiliate marketing network, and the affiliate.

Which “Affiliate Marketing” business does Devine Jamz Gospel Network partnership with?

Those that are reliable with a great history, provides products and/or services that compliment Independent Gospel Artists, Christian Ministries, or related organizations. This includes but not limited to:

  • Merchants
  • Businesses
  • Ministries
  • Organizations
  • Individuals/Sole Proprietors

Other important requirements from businesses with a “Affiliate Marketing” program

  • You should have a transparent reporting system that allow us access to view transactions, clicks, impressions, etc
  • Payments must be in U.S. Dollar and a mininmum of 10% for each sale; it will vary depending on the product and cost.
  • It should have a Paypal option or direct deposit option for issuing out payments.
  • The product or service should be listed on a professional looking website with your own domain name.
  • Your website must not contain either obscene language; unlawful content; discriminatory content; drugs/alcohol/smoking; questionable content or images.
  • Your website should have at least 3 working linked pages.
  • Agree that we reserve the right to discontinue our partnership if it’s in the best interest of our ministry.

Working Together Through “Cross Promoting Partnership”

Cross-promotion is a form of marketing promotion where customers of one product or service are targeted with promotion of a related product. Cross-promotion may involve two or more companies working together in promoting a service or product, in a way that benefits both.

  • We work with Indie Record Labels, Managers, Promoters, Producers, Entertainment Companies, And Other Representatives that promote Christian artists and Gospel music.
  • We also work with other businesses or ministries that provide services or products that is relevent to our mission and purpose.

See other website requirements for cross promoting partnership.

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