Joyce Im Bartholomew - Songs From The Deep

Joyce Im Bartholomew “Songs From The Deep”Air On “Christian Music Videos” TV Series

If Oscars were given for a job well done, we would nominate “Joyce Im Bartholomew” for her production of four music videos from her project “Songs From The Deep”.   […]

Wash Me All Over By Danny Hudson

New Album “Wash Me All Over” By Danny Hudson – Featured On Amazon

  Receive a complimentary gift valued at $25 with a purchase of $8.99 or more. Contact our Admin at for more details before your purchase is made.     […]

Interdependent Musician Mutual Reliance

Interdependent Musician (Mutual Reliance)

                By David E. Maxwell DJGN Content Contributor CEO of D.E.M. Beats Production   A Music Group Where You Can Rely On One […]

Light The Night | All The Astronauts

Light The Night By All The Astronauts – Album Review

By David E. Maxwell Christian Music Examiner CEO of D.E.M. Beats Production   LIGHT THE NIGHT MUSIC REVIEW   As I listened to the music of “All The Astronauts” (ATA), […]

Building A Rapport With Your Audience

How To Build A Rapport With Your Audience

    By David E. Maxwell DJGN Content Contributor CEO of D.E.M. Beats Production   As a Christian artist and music producer, I come across a lot of talented and […]

Thoja Singer Songwriter

Music Video “We must wait” by Thoja was broadcast to 14 million viewers internationally

Thoja’s music video “We must wait” broadcast to millions on “Christian Music Videos”.   Tons of fans Watched Thoja on our Christian Music Videos TV Series. The show broadcast on […]

Sonar X3 Producer

Digital Audio Workstation Selected For All Levels Of Music Production

    By David E. Maxwell DJGN Content Contributor CEO of D.E.M. Beats Production     Digital Audio Workstation (D.A.W.)   Most music producers know there are many recording software […]


Free Christian Music Publicity Outreach

  Why Receive Our Free Publicity?   For the obvious reason, free publicity is a plus and will save time and money for any singer – songwriter or musician. More […]

Search Engine Optimization

Unfortunately it takes more than good music to get found on the Internet!

Some time ago before I was instructed on Internet marketing methodologies, I did things the difficult way! I immediately understood that it was tricky to getting noticed beyond others. I […]

Music Marketing Training

School of Thought For Marketing Your Indie Music

First, renew your thinking and turn away from how major labels market music   If you really want to learn music marketing and you want to learn how to save […]

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