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Start streaming your radio station and content live on the internet with your own easy-to-use, feature-rich web player, and custom mobile apps. Whether you're a terrestrial radio station or an internet broadcaster, our players are fully customizable. Stream in HE-AACv2 and MP3 and reach all desktops, browsers, and devices.

We offer the most reliable streaming services in HE-AACv2 and MP3.

No gimmicks: Our streaming plans are based on the number of simultaneous listeners. You pay for a number of listeners you want, month to month.

No contracts: Our streaming service is paid month to month. There are no such things as contracts when you sign up with us.

No hidden renewals: We don’t lock you in or try to renew your service for a set number of months/years. You simply pay for the period you want service for.

No fees: We don’t charge you an arm and a leg’s worth of hidden fees; no sign-up fees, no overage fees, no storage fees, no reconnect fees – ever!

Station Benefits

Any playlist program.

Any studio automation format.

Cloud-based streaming and hosting.

Host your encoder/playlist.

Royalty accounting and reporting.

Song rating reporting.

Song requests.

Stats and market metrics reports.

Stream backup.

Stream down notifications via email or text.

Media Benefits

Artist, track, album on your site (real-time).

Data collection - mailing lists.

Facebook integration.

Mixxx Playlist Manager (free).

Playlist with interactive history.


Royalty reporting.

Song lyrics.

Song sharing.

Twitter song list output.

Stream Advertising

Stream Advertising

Desktop & Mobile

A/V mid-roll inserts

Ad Delivery Network

Ad replacement-insertion (free)

Banner ad slots (multiple)




Player skin take over

Pre-roll - audio/video/banner

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