Ray Oster

After a near-fatal car accident, U.S. Air Force Veteran Ray was permanently paralyzed in his right arm, hand, and fingers. He was forced to medically retire from his profession as a Law Enforcement Officer. He suffered from chronic pain, depression, and became an alcoholic who affected his family in the worst way. Fed up with the devil’s mess, Ray made an outcry to the Lord for help. Eventually, his prayers were answered. It wasn’t overnight, but after years of seeking God, receiving counseling, and receiving genuine support from a loving wife, Ray has defeated the enemy! He used his college degree to cross train into information technology with an emphasis on digital marketing. With his father’s background as a COGIC Pastor and music influencer, Ray created Devine Jamz Gospel Network (2009), which was originally a Christian Music Radio Station with weekly round-table talk shows to help the broken spirit and contrite heart. Today, Devine Jamz Gospel Network is one of the preferred Christian music marketing promoters that connects recording artists to a target audience using direct marketing methodologies and current technology.