Brenda Solomon - DJGN General Manager

Brenda Solomon

At Devine Jamz Gospel Network, Brenda is the designated manager that assist with reporting music airplay and sales in national Read More

Vernon Dale Cook - Social Media Contributor

Vernon Dale Cook

Dale distributes our content on social media on a consistent basis. He also creates video blogs and minister scriptures in Read More

David E Maxwell - Content Contributor With Devine Jamz Gospel Network

David E. Maxwell

David E. Maxwell is the Founder & CEO of a music production company that create and produce instrumental music for Read More

Lady Rie - Radio Personality Liaison

Cherie Yvette

Cherie is also known as “Lady Rie”! She’s a Radio Personality at a terrestrial radio station in Virginia. She’s a Read More

magazine editor, television broadcast host, radio broadcast host, entertainers, authors, political pundits, celebrities, community leaders

Cheryl Lacey Donovan

Cheryl is a media mogul! She’s an award winning best selling author,  magazine editor, founder and host of a local Read More

Jenny Morales - Artist Promoter

Jenny Morales

Jenny Morales is the CEO of an artist promotions company and bilingual lyrists. Known as “The Queen of Promotions”, Jenny Read More

Michael Bell - Record Label Liaison

Michael Bell

Michael Bell is a Record Producer, Music Composer, Musician, Radio Promoter, and the CEO of a record label. Michael has Read More

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Giovanni Abeni

Giovanni Abeni has been working in web design and development for many years and he really love his job. He Read More