Social Media Distribution

Social Media platforms and social media networks we partner with will get your music in front of a targeted audience

Distributor Marketing

Our effective techniques make aware your target audience how and where to download your music.

Featured Spotlight Artist

This ultimate promotion is designed for top-performing recording artists! Only a limited number of artists are chosen and granted this service 

National Radio Airplay

Guaranteed radio airplay on legitimately monitored radio stations that are verifiable by third party companies.

Music Publisher Review

Our Examiners provide proficient experience as an artist, columnists, author, photographer, radio host, TV host, and project executive 

Public Relations

It’s critical we speak with your clients and different partners to help them comprehend your story.

Banner Ad Placement

From start to finish we design a custom banner ad or a graphic flyer then advertise it on important websites


Atlanta, New York/New Jersey, LA, Orlando, Chicago, & Dallas are cities that host our conference with music and film VIP’s

Own Your Radio Station

Host terrestrial or an internet radio show and promote ads with an easy-to-use feature-rich web player with custom mobile apps