Project Music Management Marketing is designated for a Featured Spotlight Artist with either Christian, Gospel, positive clean hip-hop, r&b, pop music that's professionally produced, mixed & mastered, with excellent vocals, background, and/or songwriting skills. They are the top artists who we provide a network of promoters, target audience, and direct marketing methodologies for leveraging their individual project. They work directly with a Marketing Team Leader and are given priority. Only a limited number of these recording artists are on our roster at one given time.



As The Artist

Think of the Featured Spotlight Artist service like having a Music Project Manager with full marketing services from a Major Record Label. Through the Platinum package we develop a marketing strategy, delegate and provide advance marketing to include FM Radio Airplay; FM Radio Interview; FM Radio Ad Spots; Digital National Radio Airplay Campaign & Charting; Video Editing Production; Press Release Distribution to TV Stations, Radio Stations, Newspapers, Associated Press, Magazines; Distributor Marketing for an Album, EP, or Single; Social Media Distribution and Facebook Advertising Campaigns; PR Publicity; Record Label / Management and more; We provide excellent updates and a superb working relationship throughout our representation. The best of it all, you have complete control of our decision making unlike what major record labels can say. It's the Cadillac marketing for gifted artists who need a helping hand from experts to showcase their work before a niche audience! Not everyone can qualify for our offer and marketing rates are subject to change. If you know you have what it takes then the opportunity is here!

As The Artist Representative

Think of this service as having your own marketing division within your Label, Music Group, etc. We provide the same marketing methodologies as we do for the artist directly, but you will be the middle person we work with on behalf of your artist. You also have the option of white labeling our creation. That is, we add your company name on the individual work we provide on your behalf. (Ex.) Instead of using Devine Jamz Brand we use your company name where there is an option to do so.

Management Details


  High quality mixed/mastered songs

  Social Media Platform Link(s)

  High resolution photos

  Quality music video or video clips

   Written Story Behind The Song(s)


  FM Radio / Digital Radio / Charting

  Multiple Press Release Distribution

  PR Publicity Unlimited

  Social Media Marketing/Facebook Ads

  Music Distributor Marketing

  Music Review Publishing

  Video Editing Production


Radio, TV, Magazine, Newspapers, Press

Dedicated Record Label Website

Affiliate Partner Platforms

Gospel Music Public Relations

Promoting The Gospel Through Music 

Devine Jamz Gospel Network

Social Media Networks

Additional Details

Digital Radio Airplay

  • Platinum package receives Digital Airplay 1,500 Spins / Per Week Minimum, Weekly Tracking Report, Global Top 50 Charting, 2 Month Campaign, Video Marketing Publicity.
  • Supreme package receives Digital Airplay 800 Spins / Per Week Minimum, Global Top 200 or 150 Charting, Weekly Tracking Report, 2 Month Campaign, Video Marketing Publicity.
  • Premium package receives Digital Airplay 600 Spins / Per Week Minimum, Global Top 200 or 150 Charting, Weekly Tracking Report, 2 Month Campaign, Video Marketing Publicity.

Press Release Distribution

  • Each package receives a specific type and number of Press Release
  • Distributed to Radio Stations, Newspaper, TV Stations, Associated press, Magazine, and Journals
  • A Press Release report is provided with each professional release.

Record Label Mngt

  • Artist's Written Content, Releases, Stores, Events, Spotify managed at one location
  • Professional record label platform Christian Music In The Spotlight
  • Only exceptional featured top artists qualify. Not all can receive this service.

FM Radio Airplay

  • Platinum package only
  • Song added to FM Radio rotation
  • Radio Interview by phone
  • 8 (60 Second) Radio Ad Spots
  • Custom audible Radio Ad
  • Promote music, product, or event
  • Video Marketing Publicity

Featured Spotlight Artists

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