Project Music Management


Project Music Management Marketing is ideal to obtain several months prior to the release of your project, however it's not mandatory. It's intended to be an all-in-one approach to marketing music to include  a strategy & game plan, commercial FM radio airplay, distribution to the top 100 FM radio stations in your format, digital radio airplay & charting, Facebook / Instagram ad campaign, press release to media outlets, YouTube campaign, social media posting, PR publishing, distributor sales marketing, music review, and booking leads. For maximum and effective marketing, music that cross over to mainstream formats receives the best results.


All-in-one approach for marketing music online

We Develop a Long Term Marketing Strategy and Game Plan

Promotions Are Delegated to Specialize Providers And Team Members

You're Assigned A Team Leader Who You Only Coordinate With

Guaranteed Commercial FM Radio Airplay For Qualified Songs

Song Distributed to Top 100 FM radio stations

Guarantee Digital Radio Airplay & Charting

Video Editing and Advertisement

Booking Leads in Your Local and Surrounding Area

Press Release Distribution to Major Media Outlets

Distributor Sales Marketing for an Album, EP, or Single

Social Media Posting; Facebook, Instagram, YouTube Ad Campaign

Public Relations and Publicity Publishing

Content, Media, Videos, SoundCloud & Spotify Managed On Record Label

Excellent Working Relationship Throughout Our Representation

Artist Have Complete Control of Our Decision Making

Services Guaranteed Until Completed And Customer Satisfied

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