Marketing Music Without Distractions

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So you have your songs, banners, links, contact information listed on an awesome, popular, public website full of wonderful promotions and big league names. Stop right there! Mistake number one, you’re an Independent Gospel Artists among thousands of other artists who also are on the same website trying to get noticed! For a visitor, the natural human curiosity would be to focus on what is most appealing to them on the website! And lets say you do get lucky and get a person to click on your track, what if the 1st track they listen to doesn’t interest them. You think they will stick around to listen to any other tracks you have on the site while there are other artist tracks to listen to? Hmmm, that would be a good poll to create!

Think Like A Child of God When Promoting Kingdom Business

independent christian recording artistWhen you are out witnessing to an unbeliever, do you find it easier to speak to that person alone or talking with them among their friends who are not interested? Don’t you think that their friends will distract them and try to pull them away? Well guess what, it’s the same thing that happens when your music is among hundreds of other tracks or on a fancy website with many gadgets. Don’t get me wrong, other Christian artists is not the competition or distraction. It’s the human mind that out of curiosity get distracted because of the other tracks, cover images, fancy website designs, and the links that deter folks. The natural curiosity would be for a person to check out what’s appealing to their senses (sight, hearing). And while your tracks and bio may be on one of the most well known music sites there is, the chances of any one person solely listening to your music or even finding your music for that matter is slim!

Effective Marketing Should Spotlight Only Your Ministry

We’ve discussed on different blogs that listing music on popular distribution websites alone will not get you the record sells. You need a marketing strategy that will get your targeted audience to land on the webpage where you are the only spotlight recording artist. This will provide a better chance for prospective fans to learn more about you through a dialog. Eventually, your rapport will give fans a deeper reason for purchasing your music. Please understand that it’s not my intentions to knock down the big music websites because they obviously have a purpose. But there are tons of indie artists competing on the same website, which makes it difficult to get the undivided attention of a visitor. Also, many large distribution sites have different genres that lesson your chances receiving targeted visitors interested in your style of music. There are Independent Gospel Artists out there that are really good. And many have made an impact with the testimonies in their songs. But if you are not in the spotlight and do not have a strategy for promoting your music it will collect dust in online stores.

I read about John Oszajca, a secular artist who was once signed with Interscope and Warner Bros. He explained how his career went south because he could not meet the sales that the record labels were asking. I don’t know what kind of strategy the labels were using, but he was let go. John knew he needed a different strategy if he was going to succeed in the music industry. After years of trying different tactics, he honed in and created Music Marketing Manifesto. It has taking him to a new level of promoting music. Not only that, he once set a record for helping an artist get the highest sales over at CD Baby using his MMM3 strategy.

What Strategy Does Music Marketing Manifesto Use?

We are talking about exclusively promoting your tracks, bio, links, pics, the works! The strategy may even get you to ask if marketing a web page without any cool gadgets is the right way to go! It’s totally effective and has a psychological twist that really makes sense when you think about it. Read our informative music marketing critique and watch a free 40 minute video, which John personally shows how he became the successful music marketer he is today. If you simply don’t have the time to learn the marketing techniques or you just don’t have the interest to learn the strategies of marketing, I understand! After all, you are gifted to be a musician!

You Rather Have Someone Else Do The Marketing For You?

Don’t loose hope if you can’t find time or have the interest to market your music using the Music Marketing Manifesto 3.0 (MMM3)! Although we strongly recommend artists to learn the MMM3 strategy, we will take the burden off your back and market your ministry using our Direct Marketing Services that includes MMM3 strategies and 12 other different approaches.

We anticipated that the MMM3, which involves time management would not be the best method for every artist. I’m also aware that many artists want to focus on what they are blessed and purposed to do and that’s certainly a fair choice. So, what I suggest is that you take advantage of an amazing premium marketing opportunity that was created for today’s singer songwriters, producers, and indie labels. It’s an alternative method that Devine Jamz Gospel Network designed in the event artists need help putting the plan into action.

Music Promotion Below The Market Value

Many of you guys know that Devine Jamz Gospel Network provides certain music promotions free of charge. We promoted many artists in an effort to get their name in the world wide web and their voices heard. However, our premium marketing package is far more advance and it includes a platform designed by MMM3 with a value of $500.

Recently, our management leadership staff discussed what would be a reasonable love offering that would help ministries receive our services yet defray the expenses for Devine Jamz Gospel Network. Our cost for the total marketing services is valued of at least $2,500! But, we will waived the true value for Christian and Gospel singer-songwriters! We have invested in several media platforms, software, and the time to provide you high quality service! And in order for us to receive a return on the investment, we will eventually raise our rates. So if you know you need marketing service and you are ready to invest in your music ministry. I would seriously get a request in now! Time is running out! Lets get you set up now!


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