Jairus Williams’ “Need You” Single Chart #1 Three Weeks On BDSradio

Jairus Williams' "Need You" Single Chart #1 Jairus Williams' Debut Single "Need You" Chart #1 Three Consecutive Weeks On BDSradio Internet Christian Hip Hop Chart.

In the 1st week of national radio airplay, Jairus Williams' debut single 'Need You' landed #6 on BDSradio Internet Christian Hip Hop Chart. Now charting 4 consecutive weeks and holding down the top #1 position for three of those weeks, Jairus' discography has taken off to a very good start with building his brand.

Jairus Williams makes music that makes you reflect; it makes your heart cry out for Jesus. His style and his sound are like no other, you can hear the heavenly influence in every lyric. Jairus is a young 23-year-old new gospel artist from Austin, Texas. He has dedicated countless amounts of hours in sacred devotion unto the Lord gaining the inspiration to create his debut Single 'Need You'. This song, released August 31, 2001 is special and creatively unique in nature infusing R&B, Soul, and Hip-Hop with Gospel influence. This song uncovers the daily internal battles of Christians and how God’s peace, love, and protection will see us through if we remain in faith.

Jairus’s focus here is on strengthening his relationship with Jesus and al- lowing the Lord to use him as a willing vessel to bring a great deal of influence upon the younger generation and to bring God’s people who are lost to the cross. Jairus wants to make it known to the world that regardless of anyone’s background, lifestyle, or appearance, Jesus loves them all equally and he deeply cares for them. Jairus’ intention is to then lure them into the presence of the Lord for purified salvation. “In life, we must show God that we are appreciative through our daily representation and dedication within him”, he says. “Music that’s influenced by God, is the best music, for it has a divine purpose, it soothes and restores the mind, body, and soul”, he states. “In creating music, I must remain faithful to my intentions, is it to glorify my Lord and bring heavenly influence on his people? “OR” is it to receive worldly recognition & approval? (For this is the intent of an egotistical man, not a righteous one)”.

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Jairus Williams' "Need You" Chart #1 Three Weeks On BDSradio

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