Radio Personality Liaison

Lady Rie - Radio Personality LiaisonCherie is the CEO/Founder of Black Diamond Enterprises Network which has been formed through the vision God gave to bring to surface individuals who have chosen to branch out to reach their destiny. Cherie was born and raised in Suffolk, VA. Growing up without a father due his passing when she was a baby, low self-esteem, divorce, loss of possessions, depression, anxiety attacks, family issues, she is a overcomer through Christ Jesus! She thanks God for the tests and trials because they have made her a better woman. Cherie gained wisdom and understanding of God and His Word. She can now call herself a Queen! She’s a strong and true believer of God and His Word and an intercessor in prayer.

Cherie received the call as a Minister almost a decade ago and walked in with boldness all for the Glory of God. She is a self-published author of “7 Powerful Habits to Spiritually Prepare for the Storms of Life; Body, Mind, Soul, Spirit” and a Certified Life Coach and Entrepreneur. Most of all Cherie love God, His son Christ Jesus and the Holy Spirit! Cherie have grown to learn that serving God is not pleasing man rather pleasing God. That’s her life goal each and every day!