Featured Spotlight Artist

This ultimate promotion is designed for the most qualified artist! Only a limited number of artists are chosen as Featured Spotlight Artists and granted this service. The artists are showcased as our leading performer among other artists within our network. They are in the spotlight of 5 affiliate platforms we use as a portal, distribution, and publicity. [SEE MORE + THE SUBMIT FORM]

Perform On Tour For VIP’s

Devine Jamz Gospel Network is the Houston, Texas affiliate marketing team for AMTC (Actors, Models & Talent for Christ), a focused faith-based industry with 35-years-history of real world success. Talented artists that we accept to go on tour with us are flown to either Atlanta, New York/New Jersey, LA, Orlando, Chicago, or Dallas where we showcase artists at the AMTC SHINE Tour. The event is a 3-day, weekend invitation-only conference filled with seminars, workshops, and entertainment VIP’s. [SEE MORE + THE SUBMIT FORM]

Video And Music Streaming

Turn our followers, subcribers, and partners into your fans! Stream your single, album, mixtape, or video on popular websites to expand your reach! The songs that you have for purchase have the potential to get more earnings using our marketing platforms and audience. [SEE MORE + THE SUBMIT FORM]

Gospel Radio Spotlight Airplay

With the Gospel Song Spotlight you get exposed to listeners from all over the world both over the radio and on Twitter! This radio promotion is willing to do something many neglect to do, build your brand! Get started now! [SEE MORE + THE SUBMIT FORM]

Radio Publishing And Interview

This radio promotion gives artists the opportunity to be interviewed by a multi-talented preacher, teacher, coach, mentor, motivational speaker and author. We connect you to a broadcaster of integrity and with a keen level of wisdom and humor that is nothing short of refreshing. Public Relation services are included to provide an everlasting impression through multiple publishing platforms that increase your visibility. [SEE MORE + THE SUBMIT FORM]

Radio PR, Airplay, And Hosting

It’s not your typical radio station. Artists receives Unlimited airplay, host your single, album, mixtape, or EP, PR on the Gospel Music Public Relations, Social Media Marketing, and Eblast. Using multiple platforms will bring more traffic to your project for maximum exposer. [SEE MORE + THE SUBMIT FORM]

Host Your Own Radio Station

Take full control of the airwaves and become your own radio broadcaster. Host terrestrial or internet radio shows, paid advertisements, and content on an easy-to-use, feature-rich web player, with custom mobile apps. The Cirrus players are fully customizable. Stream in HE-AACv2 and MP3 and reach all desktops, browsers, and devices. [SEE MORE + THE SUBMIT FORM]

AM Radio Host Interview

Receive a live radio interview with a dynamic and inspiring host of an AM radio station. It’s a great vehicle that can be used as part of your social proof. Artists can also receive gospel music airplay, which the station play every day all day to a listening audience ranging from ages 5 up to 85. We increase web impressions using Public Relations techniques on Christian music publicity platforms. [SEE MORE + THE SUBMIT FORM]

Amazon Featured Product

This is not the typical exposure by Amazon. Only a few select number of indie Christian artists and publishers are approved to feature their project as our top Amazon product! We showcase the top Christian and Gospel products approved by talent search promoters. [SEE MORE + THE SUBMIT FORM]

Social Media Distribution

Without a doubt Facebook, Twitter, Google, Linkedin, and affiliate social marketing networks we partner with will get your music in front of a targeted audience. We use advance marketing tools and updated techniques mainstream marketers use. [SEE MORE + THE SUBMIT FORM]

Public Relations

Public Relations can help you build a great relationship with your fans and customers. Using the content marketing strategy, we give value to your message. It’s critical to speak with your clients and different partners to help them comprehend your story. [SEE MORE + THE SUBMIT FORM]

Music And Publisher Review

Our Music and Publisher Examiners have combined proficient experience as an artist, lyricist, vocalist, columnists, author, photographer, radio host, TV host, business visionary and/or project executives. Examiners have the ability to express through words, photograph, and media a profound aptitude in Christian music and publishing. [SEE MORE + THE SUBMIT FORM]

Headline Music News Ad

Get in the headline news with your music, event, press release, announcements, or important content you want to share with those in your niche. Get exposure like other talented entertainers are receiving on a responsive high-end platform. The Headline News Ads are featured for 30 days and distributed to subscribers and followers who receive information on the site such as marketing, gigs, events and new indie artists. [SEE MORE + THE SUBMIT FORM]

Free Email Marketing

Create an email marketing campaign for FREE and earn potential sales! Test drive our affiliate partner’s software to build a fan base that convert into earned income. It’s marketing that is not only effective for sales, but it’s easy and requires no experience! [SEE MORE + THE SIGN UP FORM]