Free Music Marketing Consultation Instructions


Before requesting our consultation, please view our marketing services and prices. If you are still interested, the next step is to see if you meet our qualifications. We need to hear what you sound like before the consultation begin! Simply click on the link to get the Submit Form. Check the consultation box then add your most recent completed project. Submit the form and we will review it. If you meet our qualifications for marketing we will contact you to confirm a consultation date.

Free Music Marketing Consultation

Learn how our marketing services support your music project.

Featured Spotlight Artist

Top artists with a Project Manager, marketing strategies and promotions.

National Radio Airplay

Airplay on legitimate monitored radio with verifiable 3rd party reports.

Video & Graphic Advertising

From start to finish we customize video and graphic ads for advertising on social media & websites.

Public Relations

Speak to an audience and get heard with our platinum resources

Social Media Distribution

Our content distribution channels, brand, and support will leverage power to your project on social media.

Distributor Marketing

We enable you to sell to customers you can not reach

Press Release Distribution

Distribution to Radio, TV, Newspapers Industry/News Sites + more

Music Publisher Review

Our Examiners provide proficient experience as an artist, columnists, author, photographer, radio host, TV host, and project executive 

Gospel Radio Spotlight Airplay

Gospel Song Spotlight is a single niche radio airplay service that will help build your brand!  

Free Email Marketing

Test drive our affiliate partner's software to build a fan base that converts into earned income.