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Christian Music Review

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Our Music Examiners have combined proficient experience as an artist, lyricist, vocalist, columnists, author, photographer, a radio show host, TV host, business visionary and/or project executives. Examiners have the ability to express through words and photograph a profound aptitude in Christian and Gospel music. Their insight is the revelation of their perspective that’s one of a kind to their experiences and frequently from direct interviews. They are former writers who created reviews for, which was a dynamic entertainment, news and way of life network that served more than 20 million month to month followers over the U.S. also, around the globe.


What We Provide


  • A scholarly assessment on the value and level of excellence of individual works of music, or entire groups in the Contemporary Christian, Urban Gospel, Gospel Rap, Gospel Jazz, Christian Rock, or Southern Gospel genres’.


  • Upon the publishing of your review, we will feature you in a email blast, in the headline of the Gospel Music Entertainment News, provide social media distribution to tons of social networks, bookmark sites, targeted music communities, as well as our affiliate social network organizations where we are a promoter.